Totally Biased Fan Review: Life: Pete O’Brien

I saw Pete busk in Tamworth a while ago. We have been friends on Facebook for a while and we keep missing each other. I am at a Tamworth that he isn’t at or visa versa. This is a long awaited album. Pete works hard for his music. He is a very passionate artist with a lot to give. So as he gives a lot, listen a lot, guys and gals. You won’t be disappointed. He is one of those artists who may never be the superstar (I am not sure that he wants to be), but he has more talent in his little finger than many have in their entire music catalogue.
Of the 79 types of country music, Pete covers most with his music. He also goes outside the square and tinkers with other genres.
He resides in Bundaberg, Queensland, where my grandmother came from. He gets bonus points for that fact. Bundy is a place famous for Hinkler, Rum and pubs on just about every corner and Gladys Moncrieff.
One day, it will be famous for Pete O’Brien.
Pete’s voice is a mixture of many artists. Sometimes I hear Jim Croce, Instrumentally, I sometimes hear my hero, James Taylor, there are times when I hear Brian Mannix or even a touch of Jon Bon Jovi or Steve Tyler. Mainly I hear Pete O’Brien.
There is a bluesy, soul kinda feel to Pete’s songs. Sometimes smooth and gentle, sometimes gutsy and earthy. Either way, they are damn fine songs.
I am doing this review without aid of the details, I am just go on gut instinct. I have the feeling that Pete writes and sings his songs on gut instinct too.
Growing Dust – The opening riff is very James Taylor! Then almost with a Doug Ashdown feel, Pete sings a song about one of the most dreaded conditions in Australia. It is a beautiful country, but a hard country, maybe we should all just shout “Send it down, Hughie!”
Live for the day – Almost a party song, title explains it all. Clap along.
To the End – A love song, basically, but a toe tapping one.
Real Love – Another love song….or at least a search for it. A slightly psychedelic feel to this song, 60’s like.
The Road (feat. Bre Ferguson) – beautiful song, showing yet another side to Pete’s amazing versatility. Lovely duet with Bre, I hope that I hear more from her too.
When we were young – Autobiographical, I think. A very earthy rhythm and and a heartfelt story.
Lost in Reality – Channelling Cat Stevens or the artist formally known as, or whatever. Probably one of my faves on the album.
Bonus songs:
Child – I know where this song is coming from and bless him for it. A beautiful heartfelt, soulful song and a note to all: real love, real light is not always found in the conventional ways. Simple joys from those who are placed in difficult situations are the most amazing gifts that we can receive.

Fall in love with you – A little bit of a Bob Seger feel here, oh boy, aren’t we doing a lot of comparisons here….nothing like a bit of an earthy acoustic number to bring out the soul of Mr Seger.

Give a little bit – I thought that this was going to be the old Supertramp song for a minute there. Pete and i must be in sync with the same generation! Totally different, but cool song.
This album was well worth the wait. With all of the comparisons, it makes sense that Pete is a complete artist. His songs ring true with some of the greats, yet he is, in the end, Pete.
Enjoy every moment of this album. Blood, sweat and tears went into every song, and this is a man who truly involves himself in every chord and word.

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