Totally Biased Fan Review: Caught up in the Dreaming – Luke O’Shea

It is no secret that of all of my favourites, Lukie is in my top 5. The rumour is probably true that if Lukie sang Humpty Dumpty backwards with Alvin and the Chipmunks backing him, I would rate it the greatest song of all time. Well, maybe not quite, but pretty close to the truth.
It is also no secret that I used to go to see Luke when I was one of three in the crowd, with the other two people being the bouncer and the barman. Thankfully, the world got wise and people now hang off the rafters or get sent away because they can’t get a seat.
Golden Guitars help, but there is more to it than that. Luke has a loyal group of stalkers er fans and friends and colleagues who think the world of him. Sooner or later, talent wins out and word spreads and people learn the truth.
Luke O’Shea, with or without his Medicine Wheel is an amazing singer/songwriter, who is admired as much for what he does off stage and off the record as he is for what he does on the stage and on the record.
All of his songs tell a story, all have meaning. Some songs will ruffle feathers, some will make most of us stand up and cheer and believe and fight the good fight. There are no signs of bubblegum songs or bro country about Luke O’Shea.
Just days after he won Golden Guitars last year, including the Male Vocal award, he was arrested with his Dad for fighting the good fight. Luke O’Shea is a man with purpose. This does not mean that he doesn’t have a sense of humour, many of his songs have that humorous edge. At his gigs, he is a cheeky monkey who laughs as much as he delivers a message.
Luke O’Shea has always been the complete package. Many people knew that….even more are receiving delivery of that package in the mail now. Better late than never.
Again, Luke’s Celtic roots are showing….then again, so are mine.
Stronger than nicotine: Luke always has a love song on his albums which is not your regular love song. This is the one and he starts with it. The love song is not always between two people, but it generally is a love stronger than nicotine.
Begin & End in Love: Probably one of Luke’s more simple songs. That does not mean that it is any less meaningful, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a message, it is just that it is not as complex as some others.
My Country’s My King: Luke is very well known for his songs about war and waste. This song could have many meanings, could span many generations. For the Celtic in most of us, we don’t always have a huge respect for authority figures. History has scarred us. This song will mean different things to different people.
For the love of me: The power of love and what you do for the one that you love, whatever the cost.

Caught up in the Dreaming: Title track. Luke has spent a lot of time in the outback of Australia. He has travelled many roads, within and literally. This country of ours has many depths, many stories. It is hard not to get caught up in the Dreaming when you venture it. The earth tells its own story. Luke is just retelling it his way.
The Old Man’s Shed: Luke often tries out songs on his fans. This was one of them. Reminiscent of a certain song about a bottom drawer, and others. Many people will relate to this song. We all have an uncle or a grandfather or a Dad who has a shed like this. It has a sad ending, but a fitting one.
One Last Prayer: Second chances, rays of hope. No matter what you have done, you may be able to turn it around. Could be a death row song, could be just somebody who has given up and needs to find light at the end of a tunnel. Makes you think. That’s what Luke does.
Like Snow: Earlier today, I reviewed Dana Hassall’s album. This song features on her album too, they wrote the song together. Just as beautiful on both albums.
Catch You: co-written and sung with Amber Lawrence. Both Luke and Amber won overdue Golden Guitars last year for Male and Female vocalists and conducted a tour together. This duet was a natural progression. They both help out with Defence Care and have had a lot to do with the Black Dog charity. They have done a lot of work together and this was inevitable. A wonderful song for a good cause.
Smooth Sailing: Interestingly, Luke is not going inland for this one, he is instead heading for the high seas….calm after the storm in this case. Really, it is just about life.
Time: I think that this will be a crowd favourite. The tune is a bit different for Luke and it may even be one that people will get up and dance to, definitely one for the air guitar. It is more about moments in time than forever, strangely uplifting and a downer at the same time.
Everyday Eyes: A beautiful love song. Absolutely lovely. A little sad at the end, but that is Luke.
Easy to Me: I had to play this song a few times, because I got lost in it. It is a song that you can drift away to….that comes so easy to me when I am listening to Luke’s songs.
The Open Road: Funny, but from the first few bars, I had a picture of a dirt road in front of me that had a sky that kept changing colours and then the road changed from dirt to mud to tar to dirt again. The rivers, trees and rocks emerged and the mountains and streams and a band standing in the middle of it. Easy enough to imagine a physical scene and just as easy imagining a road that takes you through life too.
Lukie has done it again….but then again, he had me from hello

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