Totally Biased Fan Review: Bennett Bowtell Urquhart – Kevin Bennett, Lyn Bowtell and Felicity Urquhart

Brother Kevin, Sister Lyn, Sister Felicity, church is in….Hallelujah! These three were born to sing together. They’ve been touring for a while together now, so this was the natural next step. This album is a mixture of their individual hits and a few classics. Together, they make the songs their own.
The soulful, bluesy delivery of this collection make it a kind of religious experience. I can see them in one of those wooden churches in the South singing up a storm as the congregation shouts Hallelujah!, murmurs a few hmmms, hmmms and amens.
There are some interesting selections, like Inanay, the Tiddas song and some obvious ones, like The Flood’s Hello Blue Sky (an amazing version….slowed down to perfection) and I Hear Them All. I love the Emmylou classic, When We’re Gone, long gone and Brand New Truth. Goulburn Valley Woman is a surprisingly uplifting song, considering its subject. The Best Thing is a great song, probably one of my favourites on the album.
The songs generally feature one of the three in the lead and the other two harmonise, with a couple of exceptions.
On Love of Mine, there is an E, which may surprise some…..the only word that I heard that was anything like explicit was “bullshit”. I had to play it three times before I picked that up….and it is used once and in context, so I am not really sure what the fuss is. It is Lyn at her best and a beautiful song.
The country music community in Australia is a pretty close knit family. At Tamworth, you often find people singing on each other’s shows or in the audience listening. The vocal collaboration award at the Golden Guitars often brings together some interesting combinations. I think that next year, these three will feature in that category. In some ways, they are not an obvious choice to sing and play together. The three of them have entirely different voices and styles, but they blend together so well that you would honestly think that they were born to play together.
This is not an in your face album, which is a big chunk of its charm. It is like three friends got together for a singalong and realised that it was much more than that. This is a special album.

It is never clearer than on I’m on your side (oh brother) – church is most definitely in.

Individually, they are three of Australia’s finest. Together, they are magic. Hmmm, Hmmm, Amen, Hallelujah brother and sisters.



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