Totally Biased Fan Review: Love and Lovely Lies – Imogen Clark


A couple of years ago, I was in Tamworth and went to an Alt. Country night at my fave hotel, The Tudor. I went to see my friends, The Weeping Willows and Gretta Ziller, (who was called out to attend another more important gig) I stood there with Allison Forbes and we were gobsmacked at this young artist….Imogen Clark. I bought her E.P. but did not review it, as it was of a different time. Now, Love and Lovely Lies has come along. I did order the hard copy with all of the information that I need as a reviewer and music lover, but it has not arrived yet, so the following is based on what I hear from Itunes, as I have grown impatient!


Here goes nothing: Appropriate title, nothing like I expected. I was expecting a laid back, easy going ballad. That’s ok. Nice to have a shock tactic.

You’ll only break my heart: More like I expected. A nice, folky, meaningful ballad.

Things you never had: I love raw vocals, strongly strummed guitars and thoughtful lyrics. If the singer has a heartfelt voice, then, hey, you can’t beat it.

Take me for a ride: One of my favourites here. Something here reminded me of Martha Davis from the Motels. Maybe I am wrong, but it hits home.

How you spend it: Imogen has a unique voice. Her voice takes you on a roller coaster ride with a happy landing. Enjoy the ride.

Something out of nothing: Definitely my favourite off the album. Awesome track.

Keep me in the dark: Such a relaxed feel that I fell asleep!  Woke up,  played it again and mellowed out to it. What an extraordinary voice.

Drawing hearts: More upbeat track to round it all up and finish it off. Tap your toes and clap your hands and drive it home.

There was no doubt in my head that this would be a beauty. From the first time that I saw her and heard her, I just thought…Wow! Imogen is a definite talent and someone to watch in the future….call me wrong…I dare you

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