Concert for Karl




I am not going to put this under Totally Biased Reviews, because it seems too flip to do that. Last Saturday night at The Dag Sheep Station in Nundle, we did a bit of a salute to one of our favourite members of our Country Music family, Karl Broadie. In the third of the fundraisers and the only post passing of the three, we celebrated the beautiful life of Karl. We raised money to help Karl’s family but most of all, the people that loved him dearly, came together to remember a talented and sweet man who left us too soon. I have been to many Karl gigs and own all of his albums. I got to meet Karl officially through Aleyce Simmonds, who, ironically, helped organize this night. The Simmonds Family were instrumental in their talents as musicians and just as amazing human beings in putting on a wonderful night. While the set and stories by Shane Nicholson, one of the leading lights in Alternative Country Music and one of the most amazing people that I have met in Country Music circles, was an absolute highlight, many moments were beautiful and memorable. Each artist told a story or stories about their relationship with Karl; their memories, their musical associations. Each fan that I talked to, had a soft spot for the jovial little big guy who warmed the cockles of our hearts and provided so much joy to all of us who knew him a little or knew him a lot. The heartfelt moments from Brendan Nawrocki and Johnny K, from Katie, Allison, and the amazing Simmonds girls, Aleyce and Karlee and Michael Cole and the bestie, Mickey Blue Eyes, as well as legend Mr Connors getting up and doing some songs that were a part of every country music fan’s collection. Some fundraising was done via the amazing auctioneer and the crowd laughed, wept and listened intently to the amazing musical offerings of such a splendid array of musicians. Others, not known as big musical stars but those on the rise, gave us a piece of their heart. With fires burning, as many stars in the crowd as there were on stage, Karl was honoured, loved, respected and remembered. We will not forget him. His boys sent us a video message, which reduced even the John Waynes and Calamity Janes amongst us to tears. Thank you Karl. We will remember your music, your light and your courage.

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