Totally Biased Fan Review – Desert Water – Warren H Williams and Dani Young

Warren H Williams & Dani Young - Desert Water _3000x3000

In these days of the world fixating on hate and anarchy, this album is a Godsend. It has broken many records, already. Put aside the high quality, beautiful country music, it has broken down barriers. It is the first indigenous and Caucasian duet  album to be recorded in Nashville. It is a shining beacon in a world gone mad. It shows how beautiful people from different cultures and generations can blend so beautifully together.

From the first track onwards, it is pure country music, created by two singers who sing the same song. Sounding like Kenny and Dolly, looking like Pride and Yearwood. The music is magical. The messages are beautiful. The voices are tender, thoughtful and blend like bananas and honey in a smoothie. This would have to be one of the best collaborations in the last twenty years, up there with Melinda and Beccy and Garth and Trisha. Awesome stuff.

This is an important album on many levels. In a time where the world is spiralling out of control with bigotry and angst, these two show how it should be, vocally and thoughtfully.

Warren is one of our best. He is a legend in his own community and also in the Australian Country Music scene for many reasons. Dani is an artist who did not wish to follow the country music fold but learned to understand through some coaching from Warren.

This album is pure joy. Political and ethical bonuses aside, the songs on this album takes one back to the 70’s with songs that are absolutely torch and twang and heart and soul.

Putting on this album was like putting on one of my Dad’s albums from the 60’s and 70’s and lapping up all of the beautiful melodies and words. Love songs and sad songs and the right amount of sweetness and sorrow.

I had never heard of Dani before this album but I am sure that I will hear from her for many years to come. This album is nothing short of brilliant.

The songs:

Mary Jane

This time I’ll give you more

Desert Water:

Two Ships:

Nothing left to burn

When you’re leaving

One Lifetime

When You Lose Him Once

These Eyes

My Friend Bottle (Feat. Billy Yates and Jim Lauderdale)

Dusty Life

Living Free


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