Totally Biased Fan Review: Want to Sing – Ian Burns


Before I went to Tamworth in July, I was told to check out Ian Burns. I was told that he was the kind of artist that I would like and that he was one to watch. I saw him perform at two different gigs and he didn’t disappoint. In fact, his performances were some of the highlights of Hats Off for me.


God Gave Me Wings – An upbeat song to start off the album. A good toe tapping, air guitar kind of country song.

Cool Clear Water – not the song that you expect, just the same name. A little more mellow than the first track and easy and smooth for the old ears.

Singing for the Money – A much deeper song than the first two and like most of you know, more my “style”. One of the best songs on the album.

Make you Happy – As the title suggests, an upbeat, very happy song. A good singalong, clap along song.

Forty Something – Ian sang this a few times at Tamworth, and it was both a touching, relatable song for us women who are forty something and then some. Another good singalong song.

Want to Sing – The title track is probably my favourite. Ian’s voice is at its best and the words and music are awesome. A very thoughtful and heartfelt song.

My kind of beautiful – A good song for a drive along a country road. One of those where you tap your fingers on the steering wheel. Keith Urban could sing this song, quite easily.

Ride Away – This song is getting its share of airplay at the moment. I can relate to this song very easily. I know what it is like to get up on a horse and ride until all of the bad stuff is gone. Great song.

Safe in the Arms of Love – Ian has a nice and easy voice to listen to. It is both a familiar sound and a comforting one. No more than in this song.

Why- A toe tapping song but at the same time a questioning song….which is appropriate, giving the title.

Face the Show: Great song to end the album. It kind of rounds off the music and looks ahead to what may or may not happen.


Ian Burns is a thoughtful and genuine songwriter and singer. I am glad that I got to hear his songs live and hope to hear more of him in the years to come. He kind of reminds me of a Mike McLennan.



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