Totally Biased Fan Review: Victim or the Heroine – Katie Brianna


Lots of raves about this young lass, and justifiably so. I have seen her at a few gigs as a guest artist, but last night was the first time that I had seen her doing a full gig. The album is resplendent.  This long awaited 2nd album is full of soul searching, soulful songs with echoes of the likes of Missy Higgins and Melody Pool and others of that genre. Sometimes, she is torch and twang, sometimes she is folky, sometimes she is blues. All songs are written by Katie, who admits that she sings sad songs…and after all, they are the best songs. Even some of the sad songs have an element of hope.

With Shane Nicholson producing and featuring on more instruments than the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and folks like Glen Hannah and Matt Fell involved it is hard to go wrong. Katie wrote all of the songs on the album. As most people know, I find that the most important part of an artist, their ability to write their own stuff.

This album is so easy going that it lulls you into a dreamlike state, not really able to concentrate on much else and not really wanting to. You tend to drift off to places like desert islands and tops of mountains. It makes you so mellow that you want to just drift off on a raft in the ocean and contemplate nothing but the stars and the moon and whatever takes your fancy.

Katie’s songs stretch across music genres. I defy anyone not to like her super cool sounds. At last night’s launch there were people from all sorts of country music….perhaps not all 79 types, but close, and for good reason. Sail away on this beautiful music. There will be more to come, and her wings will spread  – not just across this country but many others.

The songs:


Thicker Skin


Other side of the road

Escape or Rescue

Don’t feel right


Lose yourself again

Chemical lies

Thorn in your side

To feel better

All I thought i’d ever need

As a nice footnote to the album, Katie dedicated it to the music and memory of Karl Broadie. Karl had such a wonderful influence on so many, including his fans, and I am one of those. katiebriannapic

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