Mildura Country Music Festival – Day 3 – September 25


Shorter day today at the festival. I did some washing….excitement. Then I went for the walk into town. Mall festivities started at 12 today. I was entertained by Jess Holland – big voice, well travelled guitar, got a pic with Team Forbes….Thanks Sheree. Ged (birthday boy) Hintz and Trudy Hintz, Dwayne Elix, Bec Hance on fire, Craig Giles, Alice Benfer, Kate Hindle, Cameron Mason, Jeff Brown, aforementioned future legend, Allison Forbes, Godfather of Australian Country Music, Allan Caswell and Angela Easson.

I am still pacing myself. Once again the acts today were all very different and very enjoyable. The sun stayed out, though the wind blew the music around a bit at times. Stuie French may have some competition for Dad jokes with some of these guys.

Short and sweet today, a few big days to come….and will venture off to night venues as well soon. Everybody seems to be having fun. These acts are amazing how they keep turning up at gigs. I don’t know how they do it.


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