Totally Biased Fan Review: Follow the Journey – Seleen McAlister


Without even looking at who is singing these songs…and singing them so well, look at the people who “help out” on this album. Producer, Simon Johnson; Co-Producer, Drew McAlister; Mastering, Jeff McCormack, Drums, Pete Drummond, that fella Simon Johnson again on Bass, Guitars, Glen Hannah, Keys, Vaughan Jones, Fiddle, Mando, Upright Bass – Tim Crouch, Steel, Banjo – Dave Ristrim and some familiar dudes: Mike Carr and Drew McAlister on backing vocals. Pretty shabby, hey….not. The songs are written largely by Seleen, Allan Caswell and Drew. To use the old adage, there is no I in Team, what a bloody great team.

I have likened Seleen to Trisha Yearwood before, and she has even been known to sing a few of her ditties along the way, but it is about the biggest compliment that I could pay a female singer. If the blokes mentioned above are the pie, then Seleen is definitely more than the cherry on the top.

Captain Simon Johnson leads us on a very pleasant journey. All aboard.

The Songs:

She’s getting stronger (Seleen McAlister/Drew McAlister/Allan Caswell)

The single that did so well for Seleen doesn’t really need much introduction or description. The song is pretty self explanatory and a great anthem for women.

Pink Umbrella (Allan Caswell/Drew McAlister/Seleen McAlister)

A departure for both Mr Caswell and Seleen….I think that Drew may have had more influence on this song. This one certainly rocks it and wakes you up.

I’ve got You (duet with Drew McAlister) (Drew McAlister/Allan Caswell)

Beautiful ballad from Seleen and Drew, both of them at their best.

Square Peg Girl (Allan Caswell/Drew McAlister/Seleen McAlister)

One of my favourites on the album. I can kind of relate to it, as a lot of square peg girls will out there. Great song.

Love is a Trip (Craig Wiseman/Lee Thomas Miller) I think that this is a song previously recorded by Sarah Buxton. A rocking country song. Seleen always sounds like she is having fun with these kinds of songs. It also gives up the line that leads to the title of the album.

Today (Drew McAlister/Mike Carr/Jasmine Rae)

A happy song, full of optimism. Clap along, dance along, sounds almost like an American Sitcom theme song….no offence meant.  Offered up by 3 of the best songwriters in the country. I can almost see the video clip.

On the Inside (Allan Caswell)

Not many Australians would not know this song. The famous and somewhat infamous (in recent years) classic by Allan Caswell and sung by Lynne Hamilton for the tv series Prisoner which in turn was released internationally  to great success. This version, by Seleen is more than a worthy remake.

She’s watching from above (Drew McAlister/Seleen McAlister/Allan Caswell)

One of those songs that sounds happy and up tempo but it is also kind of sad. I am sure that she is watching, Seleen, and I am sure that she is very proud.

You on Your Side  (Featuring Mike Carr) (Mike Carr/ Seleen McAlister) – Okay, time for me to rave. I knew that I was going to like this song before I heard it. No prizes for people who read my posts. It is genuinely a beautiful and sad song. Mike and Seleen’s voices blend so well together. Some nice steel there too, Dave.

Even God Must Get the Blues: (Dene Anton/ John Scott Sherrill) –

I think that this is a Jo Dee Messina song. Sadly, an all too true song these days. The big fella upstairs must shake his head sometimes. Beautifully delivered by Seleen. My favourite song on the album.

Three Little Lives  (featuring Drew McAlister) (Seleen McAlister) Acoustic version of a previously recorded song by Seleen. I like this version even better.

One of our finest female vocalists, who is going from strength to strength. She’s getting stronger, for sure, and aren’t we lucky!

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