Totally Biased Fan Review: Owen Blundell – Mildura RSL, 27 September


I have to admit, I mainly went to the RSL last night to see Darren Colston, but I decided to hang around to see Owen Blundell, as I wasn’t ready to go home just yet. I have seen Owen many times in Tamworth over the years, but only as one act of many at various Town Hall gigs. I have never seen the comedic talents of Owen before, only his serious songs, which he does so well.

His gig is balanced, from impersonations of many country performers and Frank from Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em, to covers and his own songs and stories. He interacts very well with the crowd and can be cheeky and serious in alternate turns.

A comic highlight for me was when he did a “duet” of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis singing “That’s Amore”.

Assisted by a plethora of hats and wigs and sunglasses, Owen impersonated Kasey Chambers, Chad Morgan, Elvis Presley, John Farnham, Dr Hook, Johnny Cash and many others.

He also sang some beautiful songs, including New York to Bali and Jodie.

It seems to be a pattern at Mildura to offer more of a cabaret version of a musician’s performance,  rather than a songwriter’s stage. Most of the artists that I have seen so far can tell a joke and a story as well as sing a song.

No tap dancing yet, but Owen went close with a few Bruce Lee kicks.

An enjoyable evening was had by all, with many laughs and a “feel good” vibe.  The music was still king, but the humour was a star too.



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