Mildura Country Music Festival Day 6 – September 28 – Sandra Humphries and Henry Czerwonka at Pizza Cafe at the Grand


Sandra Humphries is probably one of the most respected female country music singers in Australia amongst her peers. For us fans with brilliant taste, she is more than respected, she is loved and admired. I love her songwriting as well, and I was glad that she sang my favourite one of her songs, You Drink. In fact, it is probably in my top twenty favourite Australian Country Music songs of all time. She has a terrific sense of humour and a way of making you feel like a favourite neighbour over the fence or someone sitting in her loungeroom.

Her banter with husband Henry and a couple of gatecrashers (above) added to the entertainment. Competing with the loud sound of rain on the roof and some thunder and lightning chiming in to the proceedings and the encouragement of audience participation in some classics  was all good fun.

Sandra sang requests from the crowd and other traditional country music songs. Together with a responsive audience, good pizza, fine service and a relaxing atmosphere, Sandra’s music was a great dessert and definitely something that I would like to order again.

I can’t wait for the new album.



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