Mildura Country Music Festival – Day 6 – September 28 – Writers in the Round – Allan Caswell, Seleen McAlister, The Rough Diamonds, Kate Hindle At the Gateway Tavern, Mildura


There is nothing that I like better than a bunch of songwriters sitting in front of you singing songs and telling you a little about them. The concept began quite sometime ago and it has spread to most festivals. Unfortunately, this is the only official one at Mildura.

Allan and Kate shared the stage first. These two are from different generations and at vastly different stages of their songwriting careers, but in the end, it is about the song and both of these artists can surely write one.

The day that this was on, it was Allan’s 5oth anniversary of arriving in Australia. His latest album is called 50 years in Oz for that very reason.

The afternoon was split between an hour of Allan and Kate and an hour of Seleen and The Rough Diamonds. It is hard to get too many songs in that short time, particularly when you have so many to chose from as is Allan’s case.

Kate has so much potential. She has a lovely, lilting voice and writes from the heart. Allan’s songs cover his own story and the stories of those who he has met or stumbled across.

The Rough Diamonds are two sisters who have the most beautiful harmonies and write stories about their family and friends and the things that touch their lives.

Seleen McAlister is definitely one of the major female artists in this country at the moment. She is going from strength to strength and the sky is the limit for her.

It was an enjoyable afternoon of original music, a few laughs and fabulous company.


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