ALBUM OF THE YEAR Caught Up In The Dreaming – Luke O’Shea Producer: Luke O’Shea & Benjy Pocock Silos – Sara Storer Producer: Matt Fell This Crazy Life – The Wolfe Brothers Producer: Luke Wooten Hard Light – Travis Collins Producer: Travis Collins Things I Carry Around – Troy Cassar-Daley Producer: Troy Cassar-Daley ALTERNATIVE COUNTRY ALBUM OF THE YEAR Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart – Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart Producer: Glen Hannah Victim Or The Heroine – Katie Brianna Producer: Shane Nicholson Part Of Me – Kristy Cox Producer: Jerry Salley Before Darkness Comes A-Callin’ – The Weeping Willows Producer: Laura Coates & Andrew Wrigglesworth You Can’t Catch Fish From A Train – The Wilson Pickers Producer: The Wilson Pickers MALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR 50 Years In Oz – Allan Caswell Unsung – A tribute to the songs of Buddy Bruce – Doug Bruce Caught Up In The Dreaming – Luke O’Shea Hard Light – Travis Collins Things I Carry Around – Troy Cassar-Daley FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR Happy Ever After – Amber Lawrence Burn Baby Burn – Kirsty Lee Akers Part Of Me – Kristy Cox Silos – Sara Storer Follow The Journey – Seleen McAlister COUNTRY MUSIC CAPITAL NEWS GROUP OR DUO OF THE YEAR Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart – Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart Here We Go – Sunny Cowgirls Before Darkness Comes A-Callin’ – The Weeping Willows This Crazy Life – The Wolfe Brothers Desert Water – Warren H Williams & Dani Young REGIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK VOCAL COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR Bartender Blues – Adam Harvey Performers: Adam Harvey & Lyn Bowtell Cheers to the Girls – Amber Lawrence Performers: Amber Lawrence with Catherine Britt & Fanny Lumsden Orchid Street – Anne Kirkpatrick Performers: Anne Kirkpatrick & Jeff Brown F U Cancer – Catherine Britt Performers: Catherine Britt with Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole, Lyn Bowtell, – Josh Pyke, Wes Carr, and Wendy Matthews My Diamond – Sara Storer Performers: Sara Storer & Greg Storer BUSH BALLAD OF THE YEAR A Truckie Up In Queensland – Allan Caswell Songwriters: Allan Caswell & Manfred Vijars The Veteran – Dean Perrett Songwriters: Allan Caswell, Drew McAlister, Dean Perrett Ghosts Of The Murranji – Graham Rodger Songwriter: Graham Rodger God Given Rain – Jeff Brown Songwriter: Jeff Brown Amazing Night – Sara Storer Songwriter: Sara Storer TOYOTA HERITAGE SONG OF THE YEAR Goulburn Valley Woman – Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart Songwriter: Kevin Bennett The Old Man’s Shed – Luke O’Shea Songwriters: Luke O’Shea & John Krsulja Red, White & Blue – Roo Arcus Songwriter: Roo Arcus Purple Cockies – Sara Storer Songwriter: Sara Storer Hometown Calling – Travis Collins Songwriters: Travis Collins & Troy Kemp INSTRUMENTAL OF THE YEAR Twenty Five – Lindsay Waddington Cosmopolitan Blues – Michael Fix Buckle Up – Mickey Pye Roundabout – Runaway Dixie Song for Manaia – Stuie French BLUEGRASS RECORDING OF THE YEAR I Hear Them All – Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart Losing My Blues Tonight – Dean Perrett Another Weary Mile – Kristy Cox Cumberland Gap – The Hillbilly Goats River Of Gold – The Weeping Willows QANTASLINK NEW TALENT OF THE YEAR Running In Circles – Caitlyn Shadbolt Land Of Gold – Fanny Lumsden Till The Buzzer Goes Off – Justin Standley Heyfield Girl – Michael Waugh River Of Gold – The Weeping Willows APRA AMCOS SONG OF THE YEAR Goulburn Valley Woman – Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart Songwriter: Kevin Bennett Land of Gold – Fanny Lumsden Songwriter: Fanny Lumsden 60 Summers – Graeme Connors Songwriter: Graeme Connors Ain’t No Little Girl – Kasey Chambers Songwriter: Kasey Chambers Call Me Crazy – Travis Collins Songwriters: Travis Collins & Damien Leith CMC VIDEO CLIP OF THE YEAR 60 Summers – Graeme Connors Director: Ben Bishop, Tropical Exposure Ain’t No Little Girl – Kasey Chambers Director: Duncan Toombs, Filmery The Truth Walks Slowly (in the Countryside) – O’Shea Director: Mark O’Shea Raise Your Glass – Simply Bushed Director: Duncan Toombs, Filmery Call Me Crazy – Travis Collins Director: Duncan Toombs, Filmery SINGLE OF THE YEAR Land of Gold – Fanny Lumsden 60 Summers – Graeme Connors Ain’t No Little Girl – Kasey Chambers The Truth Walks Slowly (in the Countryside) – O’Shea Just Another Girl – Travis Collins

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History of the Kazzies so far…..2014 and 2015 awards, 2013 winners in brackets in 2014 awards….

Previously on the Kazzies: Who will win this year? Everybody of course, you are all winners! Coming Soon!


2014 Kazzie Awards


The following Country Music Awards and nominations are a labour of love. They are based solely on my opinion and my passion for country music, in all of its 79 types and fifty shades.

There is no monetary gain or golden statuettes, just recognition for a job well done, in many cases for those who never get any praise or encouragement.

I want to thank the country music community of artists and fans who have supported this blog and who have encouraged me and befriended me over the years. I love youse all.


The awards are given to releases after last year’s awards, primarily from January onwards.

Best International Album:

Last Year’s Winner: Not Given


Rodney Crowell – Tarpaper Sky

Buck Ford – Somethin’ Bout Those Cowgirls

Willie Nelson – Band of Brothers

Mary Chapin Carpenter – Songs From The Movie

Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives – Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

Garth Brooks: Man Against Machine

And the Purple Guitar goes to: Rodney Crowell – Tarpaper Sky.

Sounds Better With The Band Award: (Previously known as Everywhereman Award)

(Last Year’s Winner: Simon Johnson)


Rusty Cochrane

Simon Johnson

Sean Rudd

Glen Hannah

Michael Muchow

James Gillard

Purple Guitar goes to: Rusty Cochrane


John Minson Award for Excellence in Country Radio – Catherine and Steve Britt for Saturday Night Country. ABC

Services to Country Music AABTCOD –

(Last Year’s Winner: Bill Chambers)

Allan Caswell – for the big fight against the big guys for all songwriters, not just his own battle and for all of the mentoring that he does for country music artists in Australia.


Female album/EP of the year:

(Last year: Aleyce Simmonds – Believe)

Amber Lawrence – Superheroes

Lyn Bowtell – Heart of Sorrow

Melissa Robertson – My Heart’s On fire

Connie Kis Andersen – Naked Under The Radar

Gretta Ziller – Hell’s Half Acre

Kasey Chambers – Bittersweet

Susan Lily – Daisy Jane

Harmony James – Cautionary Tales

Tanya Self – Random Truths

Christie Lamb – All She Wrote

Sami – Every Passing Minute

Tracey Davis –Now

Sandra Humphries – I’m Stronger

Kristy Cox – Living for the Moment

And the Purple Guitar goes to: Kristy Cox – Living for the Moment


Male album/Ep of the year:

(Last year: Liam Brew – Faster)

Shane Nicholson – Pitch, Roll and Yaw

Brett Clarke – Standing Back

Adam Harvey – Family Life

Allan Caswell – Sometimes When You Lose You Win

Doug Bruce – Somewhere Better To Be

Dean Perrett – I’m The Land

Doug McIntyre – Riding Free

Luke O’Shea – Sing You Up

Phil Doublet – Stone and Wood

And the Purple guitar goes to: Luke O’Shea – Sing You Up


Duo/Band of the year

Georgia Fall

Mustered Courage

Davidson Brothers

The McClymonts


And the Purple Guitar goes to: NeillyRich

Best Dynamic duo –

(Last year’s winner: Dianna Corcoran and Gary Burr – Not Ready to Lose)

Luke O’Shea and Aleyce Simmonds – Truckstop Flowers

Kasey Chambers and Bernard Fanning – Bittersweet

Kristy Cox and Jerry Salley – When It Comes To You

Wendy Wood and Steve Charles – You don’t know what it’s like

Dean Perrett and Troy Cassar-Daley – My Country, My Land

Lyn Bowtell and Kevin Bennett – How Long

And the Purple Guitar goes to: Luke O’Shea and Aleyce Simmonds – Truckstop Flowers


Entertainer of the Year

(Last year’s winner: Beccy Cole)

Beccy Cole

Melinda Schneider

Luke O’Shea

Amber Lawrence

Adam Harvey

And the Purple Guitar goes to: Melinda Schneider: Anyone who can do a gig that is the story of her life, then do the Doris Day gig, then do a tour with Beccy Cole singing the classics, deserves this award. Amazing versatility and talent.

Purple Chord Awards: (For Charity work, thoughtfulness or championing a cause or all three.)

(Last year: Purple Heart Guitars for Special Services – Luke O’Shea, Ben Ransom, Adam Toms, Darren Colston, Aleyce Simmonds, Wendy Wood, Jane E Robertson, Susan Lily, Tamara Stewart.)

Nia Robertson – Continuing support for Songwriters whether it be in her sessions at Tamworth or all of the support that she has given Allan Caswell and his cause.

Aleyce Simmonds, Lachlan Bryan, Karlee Simmonds and Michael Cole for supporting and taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave for Alan Perkins and myself.

Amber Lawrence – for her continued support of causes in a physical and emotional way.

Adam Toms – for his work with Autism and for being a great Dad.

Melissa Robertson, Sally-Anne Whitten, Wendy Wood, Susan Lily, Jane E Robertson, Amber Joy Poulton, Melinda Schneider, Pete O’Brien, Rusty Cochrane, Clancy Drive and Darren Colston for being my country music buddies with your encouragement and support.

Allan Caswell for being Allan Caswell.

Best Gig:

(Last year’s winner was Beccy Cole, 1st gig at Tamworth)

Sally-Anne Whitten  Post Office Hotel  Tamworth Country Music Festival

Kristy Cox – Album Launch  The Pub  Tamworth Country Music festival

Travis Collins – Rockin’ The Rhythm Boat – Sydney Harbour

Lachlan Bryan and Harmony James – Django Bar, Marrickville

Allan Caswell and a cast of thousands – Sometimes When You Lose You Win – Supporting Songwriters concert at Souths Juniors

Shane Nicholson – Family Hotel, Tamworth Country Music Festival

Luke O’Shea, Allan Caswell, Tamara Stewart and Karl Broadie at The Dag, with an entree from: Allison Forbes, Smokie Pete, Cathy Dobson, Kalesti Butler and others.  Hats Off, Tamworth

Amber Lawrence – Album Launch at The Basement, Sydney.

Lyn Bowtell – Album Launch at Lizotte’s Kincumber

Beccy Cole – Performance at Sydney Country Music Festival – Bella Vista

Melinda Schneider – Be yourself – Tamworth Town Hall, Tamworth Country Music Festival

Lyn Bowtell, Drew McAlister and Amy Vee – Petersham Bowling Club

Doug Bruce and The Tailgaters – West Leagues, Tamworth Country Music Festival

Sandra Humphries, Amber Joy Poulton and Amos Morris – I never promised you a Rose Garden – Tamworth Country Music Festival.

And the Purple Guitar Goes To: Luke, Allan, Tamara, Karl and co at the Dag

Most Unique Gig  (last year:Most Interesting Gig – Allan Caswell, Tanunda)

Lachlan Bryan, The Weeping Willows and Dan Waters at Bendigo.

Song of the year:

Last year: Best Song – Just Don’t Ask Me How I am – Jasmine Rae
Amber Lawrence: Lifesaver

Luke O’Shea: Sing You Up

Lyn Bowtell: Heart of Sorrow

Kristy Cox: One Heartbreak Away

Kasey Chambers:  House on a Hill

Sandra Humphries: Song for Kay

Dean Perrett: The thought has crossed my mind

Doug McIntyre: Kandahar Lullaby

Doug Bruce: The Other Side of a Heartache

And the Purple Guitar goes to: Luke O’Shea – Sing You Up

Male Vocal of the Year:

(Last year: Allan Caswell)

Luke O’Shea

Allan Caswell

Adam Harvey

Doug Bruce

Phil Doublet

Doug McIntyre

Shane Nicholson

Dean Perrett

And the Purple Guitar goes to: Luke O’Shea

Female Vocal of the Year:

(Last year: Aleyce Simmonds)

Amber Lawrence

Sandra Humphries

Kristy Cox

Lyn Bowtell

Kasey Chambers

Connie Kis Andersen

Tracey Davis

Harmony James

And the Purple Guitar goes to: Amber Lawrence


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Awards

(For the best of the underrated and up and coming artists) (Last year: Ones to Watch Awards: Allison Forbes
Bob Corbett, Benn Gunn, Lachlan Bryan, Mel from Georgia Fall, Roo Arcus, Sally Anne Whitten, Susan Lily, Christie Lamb)
Gary Hammond

Gretta Ziller

The Weeping Willows

Brett Clarke


Smokie Pete

Cathy Dobson


Mall of Fame:

(Last year’s inductees:

Mall of Fame: Michael Carr, Allan Caswell, Schneider Sisters, Stan Coster, Slim and Joy, Anne Kirkpatrick, James Blundell, John Williamson, Smokey Dawson, Reg Lindsay, John Minson, The Bushwackers.)

This year: Buddy Williams, Bill Chambers, Deniese Morrison, Ted Egan, Chad Morgan and Carter and Carter.

Producer of the Year Award:

Shane Nicholson

Flying the Flag awards: (For Artists who are promoting Aussie Country Music Overseas)
(Last Year’s Winners: Flying the Flag awards: Keith Urban, Kristy Cox, The Egypt mob, Audrey Auld Mezera and Dianna Corcoran.)
This year: Aleyce Simmonds – Norway, England and soon to be in other points North

Lachlan Bryan: USA, Weeping Willows, USA, Dianna Corcoran, Europe and USA, Keith Urban, Everywhere, Kristy Cox, USA.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi Award

(For uniquely Australian songs)


Sing You Up – Luke O’Shea

Tamworth – Doug McIntyre

Coopers Creek – Dean Perrett

Cold Western Wind – Harmony James

Lifesaver – Amber Lawrence

And the Purple Guitar goes to: Tamworth – Doug McIntyre

Dinky Di Award for Singer of  Uniquely Australian Songs:


Luke O’Shea

Doug McIntyre

Dean Perrett

Harmony James

Amber Lawrence

And the Purple Guitar goes to: Dean Perrett

A Purple Guitar for these loyal country music fans:

Miss Nat Nat, Chandler Jay Mowles, Donna Lowe, Troy Blatchford, Mark Denny, Neil McTernan, Kate Naylor, Alan Perkins, Phillipa Perkins, Nicole Elizabeth Vaughan, Lynne McLean, Vickiree Melouney, The Slades and Ian Russell.

Summary of the Kazzie Awards, 2015

December 12, 2015 ~ karrieonforever ~ Edit

Entertainer of the Year: Amber Lawrence

Male Vocal: Shane Nicholson

Female Vocal: Beccy Cole

Band/Duo Album: Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes – The Mountain

Best Female Album: Sweet Rebecca – Beccy Cole

Best Male Album: Sideshow – Michael Bryers

Band /duo of the year: Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Best Traditional Album: Chances Are: Marie Hodson

Song of the Year: Second Hand Man: Shane Nicholson

Flying the Flag Awards: Aly Cook, Dianna Corcoran, The Weeping Willows, 8 Ball Aitken, Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes, Nicki Gillis, Craig Morrison, Kasey Chambers, Tamara Stewart and Keith Urban.

Mall of Fame Inductees: This year: Graeme Connors, Rex Dallas, Ray Kernaghan, Reg Poole, The Flying Emus and The Dead Ringer Band.

Producer of the Year: Matt Fell

Player in the Band: Brad Bergen

Best Australasian Gig: Lachlan Bryan Album Launch Caravan Club, Melbourne

Best Visiting Act: Iris DeMent at The Factory, Marrickville

Most Hits on the Blog: Beccy Cole – Poster Girl Autobiography Review

Best International Album: Don Henley – Cass County

Wendy Wood Shower Song – Catchiest Tune – Message in a Cloud – Aly Cook

Vocal Collaboration: Michael Bryers and Maggie Rose – Red Wagon

Tearjerker Song of the Year: Songs Remember Me – Beccy Cole

Audrey Auld Mezera Courage Award  – Catherine Britt and Good Corn Liquor

Lynn Anderson Award for Young USA Artist keeping it Country: Kacey Musgraves

Nathaniel O’Brien Radar Award: Imogen Clark and Jo Caseley

Oi, Oi, Oi Award – Keeping it Australian: Broken Soldiers – Beccy Cole

The Kazzies are coming, the Kazzies are coming!

The Kazzie awards and nominations will be announced shortly. No grand trophies or cash handouts, just mentions of appreciation to all of the wonderful artists who make up the Australasian Country Music Industry and some International mentions.

Most of the awards are totally biased accolades from me but when you put your name to something, then that is how it goes.

There are a few new awards, some re-named and some changed slightly. As I didn’t go to any International Artists Concerts this year, that will be left til next time.

All awards are based on talent, passion and the broad field of country music…..all 79 types.

This year has been one of the toughest yet to nominate and judge. I dips me lid to all of the wonderful country music artists who have produced such magical music.

purple guitar




Every day brings a new challenge your way

Just getting out of bed can be tough

One foot in front of the other

And you face another day

And sometimes all that you do

Is not enough

There are sad songs on the radio

And you swear that they have all been written

With you in mind, so

You avoid the mirrors and you wash the pain away

Until you hear a voice say

Your grass is greener than most

You have your aches and pains but you’re not toast

You have had a pretty good life when all is said and done

And if it all shuts down tomorrow

Then you can say that you’ve had a bloody good one

You see your life

Then you see another’s

And their life is much more difficult to endure

And you see your troubles and your worries

And for most of them, there is a cure

Life has its spoonfuls of sugar

Life has its share of the blues

You have to weigh up the good bad times

And for most of the time

You are happy just to walk in your own shoes.

It’s called perspective

It’s called reflective

It’s called counting your blessings

And recognising your moments

That quickly turn to hours

That slowly turn to days and months and years

And you know, yes, you know

That at the end of the road,

It is the steps that you took

It is how you walk that walk

It’s not the cover of the book

It’s the pages

There’s always someone worse off

Someone who is all out of love

Someone who you may never meet

But someone who you cry for

Who puts your life into perspective.

Totally Biased Fan Review: Life and Breath – Wendy Wood


Wendy has one of the most pure voices in Australian Country Music.  Her songwriting is from the heart and you can feel every word deep down in your soul.

Wendy and I are roughly the same age, she just pips me at the post, and we can relate to a lot of the same things. I am not the only one who will be able to identify with the lyrics of these songs.

Put your feet up and relax. Drink it in, soak it up and be prepared to be taken on another walk through this songsmith’s wood.



Every Once In A While – Every once in a while a song smacks you right between the eyes. It really makes you go ahhhh and smile without effort from the pure joy of hearing something that is absolutely magical. With Wendy’s beautiful delivery, this is such a song.

Not Where I’m Supposed to be – This is a very “country” song. Wendy probably moves more on the side of folk or “middle of the road” music, but this is slam bam thank you ma’m in the country lane. A truly beautiful song.

She called here last night – One of those loving, cheating, hurting songs. One for the jukebox in a sad cafe.  Great balance of torch and twang.

Karma Cafe – This is a very clever song. The lyrics are fresh and the serve of irony in each line is incredibly woven with a catchy and engaging tune. A perfect companion piece for one of my favourite Wendy songs: Do you want love with that.

This is where I leave you:  A love ‘em and leave ‘em song. Wendy’s vocals at their best. A song which could sit comfortably on any music chart. A little bluesy with some nice harmonies.

I am so over you – You can’t get much more country than this. I think that Wendy may be channelling fellow New England Sky gal, Marie Hodson in this one. Yee Haa! I dig the fiddle.

Are you happy now? –  Gee, Wendy is finding her cowgirl hat. Lordy. This is a totally hummable, toe tapping song.  A touch of honky tonk and a wee bit cheeky. Nice picking boys. A few laughs in this one too.

Through the eyes of a boy – Most country albums in Australia over the last few days have had some reference to soldiers and wars. With numerous anniversaries and the pride and sorrow that we have developed towards our fallen heroes, it is natural for songwriters to apply their pens to this subject. A stirring and truly moving song. I can see the video already.

Guardian angel: This song leads beautifully into the next song. Knowing Wendy’s story pretty well by now, I can understand the meanings of her songs better than some, I know the words of this song are more than just pretty words and notes on paper. We can all take something out of this song.

A matter of life and breath: Truly one of the most beautiful songs recorded this year. Knowing the story behind the song, helps me understand it more and feel a little sadder and strangely a little stronger but even if I didn’t know the story, the song stands well on its own. I even found myself breathing more strongly as I listened to it and as I write about it now.

Wendy Wood has won several awards for her songwriting. She has been part of two pretty sensational acts, Those Gals and Two Gals and as One Gal, she stands just as strong.

If you aren’t moved by the beautiful voice of Wendy Wood and the even better words and music of this gifted storyteller and songwriter, then you must be a replica of what the Titanic ran into.

Great production by Steve and the musos are polished and add even more sparkle to a jewel in the country music crown. Without giving too much away, I had a feeling that this would be something special. As much as I liked Wendy’s last album, this goes up several more notches. As usual, with anything that Wendy Wood turns her tonsils to, I am enchanted.


All songs written by Wendy Wood apart from the last one, written by Wendy and Cassandra Wood.

The musicians:

Anthony Walmsley, Andrew McMahon, Phil Weaver, Matt Parnell, Mark Moulynox

Produced by Steve Newton

No Doh Ray Me on ABC……ABC losing touch with the people


The axing of Saturday Night Country from capital cities’ radio stations is one of the worst decisions ever made by a radio station in Australia. Sure, the ABC have said that country affiliates and digital and on line folks can still hear the one show on radio that plays every kind of country music with an Aussie bent. Thank God for Community Radio Stations and the likes of Ray Hadley and Grant Goldman who play country music in the city.

I don’t get it. The show has been going for over 20 years, with every host being a gem and an aficionado of the genre. A lot of the Alternative Country folks get a run on the show, as do the legends like Chad and co.  Not everybody has Foxtel and access to Country Music television shows. Free to air rarely show a country gig or awards show these days.

Saturday Night Country has been consistently good, bringing the average person their fix of country.

The country music audience is widening, due to the fact that country music is evolving and spreading to the cities. I could have gone to about 4 gigs the other week in the Inner West of Sydney if I could have split myself 4 ways. Victoria (especially Melbourne) is overflowing with great music. South Australia is not far behind. Queensland and NSW have their share of country music artists and the other states and territories are catching up. In fact, the fan base is the broadest that I have ever seen it and the age range is phenomenal. It is great to see so many young people involving themselves in country music and a lot of the legends coming back producing new albums and working with young artists.

So why, with the music at its best ever, are they axing a programme which reaches people that other shows don’t, plays music and gives information that other programmes don’t…..it just doesn’t make sense.

The core of the country music fans in Australia still do come from country areas, that’s a given, but if you want to spread the joy, you have to use a medium that reaches all points. ABC radio used to care. It used to think of the common man. What in the Hell happened?  If it is a stats thing….look at the bloody stats on new country music. It is going gangbusters.

I love how Felicity interviews with passion and knowledge and every day speak. Catherine, Amber and all who went before them were the same. I look forward to my fix each week. I will miss it and I won’t be the only one.

Not everybody can afford a computer or digital radio. Are the ABC scared that good old country music is becoming popular in the cities, rather than classical music and the more obscure songs.

Who knows? It is a loss. ABC should not be called Australian Broadcasting Commission anymore. It should be called Absolutely Bloody Criminal because what it is doing is not spreading the word, it is confining and defining and excluding. ABC was supposed to be for everybody…..now it is turning a majority of listeners into nobodies.

Thank you to all who have been involved with Saturday Night Country over the years. You have brought a lot of us great joy.



Totally Biased Review: On a Whim by Jacinta Laws


As excited as I get when an old favourite releases a new album, I get just as excited when I get to listen something new. In a year dominated by a flood of amazing Alt. Country releases, this little gem can be added to the mix. All of the songs on this EP are written by Jacinta. It is gentle country folk, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Saul Santilli at Saul Santilli Studios. Nicholas Woodford and Brad Kimber contribute as musicians with Saul.

Jacinta’s vocals are sometimes haunting, sometimes just gently rocking you like a prized rocking chair on a wrap around verandah or sometimes just easing you into an evening or a new morning.

The EP is a relaxing, subtly handled slice of contemporary country.



Sake of the Moment – A gentle breeze of a tune. It contains the words that give the EP its name. Just a nice easy to listen to song.

Someone I’m not – Title says it all really.

Dreamer – Lovely use of keys on this one, haunting vocals and gentle rhythms. Floating on a cloud kind of song.

Save the Day – Another one of those songs that sounds bright and breezy but there is an undercurrent.

This New Place – This song makes me feel like flying. That’s a good thing by the way.

Toxic Walk – The intriguing Toxic Walk sounds like a happy ditty, but it is actually a very sad song in some ways, talking about enjoying things before they all go. The title gives more away than the tune and the delivery.  This is what they call irony.

You could listen to this EP for ages. It is sweet and sincere. It has its deep and edgy moments too.

Jacinta is definitely one to listen out for.