Totally Biased Review: On a Whim by Jacinta Laws


As excited as I get when an old favourite releases a new album, I get just as excited when I get to listen something new. In a year dominated by a flood of amazing Alt. Country releases, this little gem can be added to the mix. All of the songs on this EP are written by Jacinta. It is gentle country folk, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Saul Santilli at Saul Santilli Studios. Nicholas Woodford and Brad Kimber contribute as musicians with Saul.

Jacinta’s vocals are sometimes haunting, sometimes just gently rocking you like a prized rocking chair on a wrap around verandah or sometimes just easing you into an evening or a new morning.

The EP is a relaxing, subtly handled slice of contemporary country.



Sake of the Moment – A gentle breeze of a tune. It contains the words that give the EP its name. Just a nice easy to listen to song.

Someone I’m not – Title says it all really.

Dreamer – Lovely use of keys on this one, haunting vocals and gentle rhythms. Floating on a cloud kind of song.

Save the Day – Another one of those songs that sounds bright and breezy but there is an undercurrent.

This New Place – This song makes me feel like flying. That’s a good thing by the way.

Toxic Walk – The intriguing Toxic Walk sounds like a happy ditty, but it is actually a very sad song in some ways, talking about enjoying things before they all go. The title gives more away than the tune and the delivery.  This is what they call irony.

You could listen to this EP for ages. It is sweet and sincere. It has its deep and edgy moments too.

Jacinta is definitely one to listen out for.

One thought on “Totally Biased Review: On a Whim by Jacinta Laws

  1. Thank you so much for your fabulous review Kaz !
    We have only just seen the beginning for Jacinta Laws 😉 It’s a beautiful EP that I can listen to over & over ….. Regards Therese McKee

    Check Jacinta out on her Facebook Artist Page :
    “My EP “On a Whim” is now available for purchase from four local fantastic Hawkesbury Sydney businesses : Holly May’s Tea & Coffee House, Richmond Records, Richmond Blake’s Music Tuition and Carey & Co, or PM Key2 Artist Promotions

    …………. Go and grab yourself a copy!” Jacinta x


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