Every day brings a new challenge your way

Just getting out of bed can be tough

One foot in front of the other

And you face another day

And sometimes all that you do

Is not enough

There are sad songs on the radio

And you swear that they have all been written

With you in mind, so

You avoid the mirrors and you wash the pain away

Until you hear a voice say

Your grass is greener than most

You have your aches and pains but you’re not toast

You have had a pretty good life when all is said and done

And if it all shuts down tomorrow

Then you can say that you’ve had a bloody good one

You see your life

Then you see another’s

And their life is much more difficult to endure

And you see your troubles and your worries

And for most of them, there is a cure

Life has its spoonfuls of sugar

Life has its share of the blues

You have to weigh up the good bad times

And for most of the time

You are happy just to walk in your own shoes.

It’s called perspective

It’s called reflective

It’s called counting your blessings

And recognising your moments

That quickly turn to hours

That slowly turn to days and months and years

And you know, yes, you know

That at the end of the road,

It is the steps that you took

It is how you walk that walk

It’s not the cover of the book

It’s the pages

There’s always someone worse off

Someone who is all out of love

Someone who you may never meet

But someone who you cry for

Who puts your life into perspective.

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