The Red Carpet report from the Golden Guitars: er it really is beige and blue at the pointy end!




By Kaz Johnson

I thought that the red carpet at the GGs two years ago was fun….this was 10 times better! I got to have a good yack with Country Music royalty, Joy McKean who has just turned 87 and met Ev Bury who is a fair bit younger but a legend for the first time since I was about 14.

I got a kiss from Dougie and a hug and a pic from Allan Caswell. I took lots of photos of  my faves, including all of the Lukes, got to have a few giggles with Lachlan, Henry, Imogen, Fanny and Ashleigh. They all loved my t-shirt, especially the Weeping Willows, Reg Poole was trying to work out what it read.

I didn’t get to see Amber, but Kasey, Kristy, Kirsty Lee and Katie were in good form. Chad got up close with those teeth and a subdued suit. Catherine was dazzling, BBU were fun, especially that Bowtell gal who was a crack up. Jayne Denham scrubbed up well and she was up for a chat as always.

Warren H and Danielle were looking proud and happy, Queen Anne walked in with duet partner, Jeff Brown. Dean Perrett was happy and accommodating as always. Michael Fix was cheery, Shane Nicholson looked great.

Travis Collins said that he was set for a good night, I told him that I thought that he would have a great night, but he wasn’t so sure…..Kaz knows!

Troy and Laurel walked in, unaware of the big night ahead for them. The Snot jokes will live in the minds of all us forever, Troy!

Christie Lamb was looking lovely in blue, and she is looking forward to her launch of her new album soon.

Adam Brand’s shoes will be forever embedded on our brains. Nick, a Christie Lamb nut, was standing next to me and we had quite a colourful country music conversation. On the other side of me were two sisters who were great fun and loaned me their charger so that I could power up my iphone for pics.

Aleyce and her mum looked beautiful as always and Roo Arcus rocked the check shirt and cowboy hat.

Fresh out of hospital, Seleen looked amazing. Good to see Jason there with her.  Johnny K loved the red carpet and the night. One of the winners that the crowd roared for.

Troy Kemp just fit into my screen. I still only come up to his knees. Kristy Cox, hubby Travis List and bubba Adelaide looked splendid in matching outfits….played well, done fine, my friend.

Justin Standley looked great, and performed amazingly later on stage.

Damien Leith, winning his first GG later on with Travis, was so excited just to be there. Sara Storer was lovely, giving her time for a photo in front of us.

Lee and Tan Kernaghan, stopped for photos and a chat.

The Sunny Cowgirls were the last ones that I saw to come in before the ushers were starting to want to get us all in the auditorium.

I was sorry to miss Amber.

There are a lot of things that I can’t say about what happened on our end of the red carpet, though I think that Glenn McGrath thinks that I am a nutter because I went Ooh Ahh. Poor Henry and Lachlan copped a bit but Henry hammed it up and Lachlan just did that smile of his that says…Kaz, Kaz, Kaz.

Jodie and Ethan were the first to cross the red carpet and then Angus Gill led the young ones in.

Thanks to all of the stars for saying g’day and stopping for a pic, they must have been wanting to get in quickly but we stopped them.

Thanks especially to Allan and Marian Caswell and Joy and Ev.

They were extra special moments.


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