Totally Biased Fan Review – Melody Moko – EP


This is a teaser/entree. The album is coming soon.  This young lady is going places. I have been following her for a while now and life has had a way of getting in the way….but she is the real thing. As a person and as a performer, Melody has all the boxes ticked.

Having Michael Muchow (hubby) and Catherine Britt in her corner can only enrich her already full garden of talent.

I love the sound of this EP….it has that 50’s early 60’s twanging guitar sounds and that bluesy/rocky sound that Dwayne and The Shadows created.

Her voice is so versatile. I have heard her sing lots of different songs in lots of different styles.

I particularly like Bury me Sane. It has that folky feel that I love so much….I have a strong bias towards that. Melody’s voice is strongest on this one. I absolutely adore it. I am playing this on Friday on the radio.  Absolutely adore it. It is a mix of something that Emmylou Harris would sing, Iris DeMent and Mary-Chapin Carpenter. I can’t give it much more credit than that.

The first three tracks are written by Melody and the last one, Don’t Explain, is written by Paul Kelly, my favourite Australian Songwriter and Melody and Michael’s son Miller’s fave too.

If this is the flavour of things to come, then we are in for a feast.  Melody, you’d better bring on the rest too, or we will all go hungry.

Awesome stuff.

N.B. If you are confused, don’t be. Melody Feder, Melody Muchow and Melody Moko are all the same person….keeping you guessing, that is all.


Going down swinging

Take Me

Bury me sane

Don’t Explain

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