Totally Biased Fan Review – Have A Good Time – Kerry Kennedy


It was so cool that I finally got to see a full Kerry Kennedy gig at Tamworth after years of clashes and only sneak peeks at his gigs on route to another gig. I saw him years ago at Tamworth when he had long hair….but this was a first to just sit down and listen.

He has such a great voice. I love that husky, deep sound and whether he is rockin’ it, bluesing it or just pure country, that voice adapts beautifully.

Kerry (and the boys) are made for LIVE gigs. He is a very personable and funny guy and it comes across very easily.  He has a big heart and he is not backwards in coming forwards on important issues.

Some songs are for dancing, some songs are for toe tapping and others are for deeper thought. There are lots of cool guitar licks.

I am pretty sure that Kerry wrote all of the songs, but the album doesn’t have credits, so I am not 100% sure. Either way, they are great songs and Kerry delivers them with gusto.

Every song is different. There is no sameness to the tunes or the lyrics. It is wonderful to hear such variety on one album…he’s doin’ alright.


Have a good time – Great track to start with.  Sounds like he is channelling one of Elvis’s 60’s tracks! Great bluesy guitar….rockin’ it. Chase that rainbow, live the dream, have a good time now….great philosophy!

Taking time for me – Lots of cool guitar licks and a great sentiment. Sounds like an idyllic life! I love the honesty of Kerry’s lyrics. No bullshit. Toe tappin’ stuff.

That’s not me – One of my favourites on the album. A very hummable real song. I can relate to the lyrics and it is a very cool, easy going tune.  Love it.

Rain Tonight – A rocking bluesy song. Get the air guitar out.

Highway – A very thoughtful and sad song. My favourite kind. An all too familiar story. Awesome song, Kerry.  I know a few guys like this who have been through similar stuff.

Down by the sea – A rollicking feel good song. Dance to it, shift your shoulders to it.  Good singalong song and a song for summer.

Take my hand – Another feel good song.

Doin’ Alright – Not the Adam Harvey song but the same sentiment.  Cool song.

I need you – A gentle protest song and a good one. Covers a lot in a short time. An important song.

Mother’s Day – A thank you song and a nice way to end an album.

Well, it took us a while, Kerry, but we made it. Loved it to bits. Can’t wait to catch up next Tamworth!

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