Totally Biased Fan Review – Love without co-dependency – Matt Henry

A few years ago, I saw Matt Henry as a support act to Shane Nicholson. As I bought the Itunes version (a measure of my impatience), I didn’t know any of the credits, but as I listened, I thought, this has the Shaneo touch. When I looked for reviews to find out information, I found out that Shane produced it. I am getting addicted to albums with the Shane Nicholson touch. It would also explain why we don’t get to see many Shane Nicholson albums, he is too busy producing other people’s stuff.

This album is so much better than even the little titbits that Matt played at that first introduction.

I have played this album over and over and I am so impressed. Sometimes the most loveliest gifts of life are the things that you don’t expect.

Along with The April Family and Michael Waugh, this, so far, is my best surprise this year.

I had a big day on the launch day in Tamworth. I had fully intended to make this Alt. Country late night at Tamworth Servies, but the gig that was on beforehand ate into the time… was my birthday after all!

There is a bit of wit and tongue in cheek overtones to more serious moments and highly infectious tunes. The lyrics are intriguing one minute and oh so clever the next.

Matt’s voice has a beautiful timbre to it. This is a very polished and engaging album.

The songs:

Rhinestone Climb: This is a catchy song with an equally catchy tune. A toe tapper with a darker side.

The Best That They Could Do: A gently rocking song with some fabulous lyrics. I went to quote one line and then the next line was even better. One of the best on the album if not THE best.

Trying to Pretend: My kind of song. I love it. It is a bit cheeky, a bit sad and the melody is fantastic. I almost feel like I am on a train. There’s a bit of Dylanesque harmonica in there too!

Catch Someday: A real singalong song, a definite Shower Song contender for the Kazzie Awards in December. Some great fiddle and lots of cool strumming. A very familiar voice is featured on this song….see if you can pick it….hint, she won a Golden Guitar this year.

You and I: I read a brief interview and it said that this was one of Matt’s favourites on the album. It is one of mine too.

Garden of Needs – destined to become a shower song for me. Very catchy…wo oh wo oh. Two shower songs on one album…I think that is a record….pun intended. Something about this song reminds me of George Harrison. That has to be a good thing, hey?

Love without co-dependency: The title track and one that Matt said that he was particularly proud of in that abovementioned interview. There are some clever lyrics.

Little Dead Bird: At that gig that I mentioned before, Matt sang this song. This is one of the few of his songs that sound anything like this. Friendly warning to any bird lovers and vegans.

I died on a beautiful day: One of those onion songs…it has many layers. I have listened to this song about 10 times and get about 10 different meanings to it. It is equally beautiful and sad.

Way back home: This album is a journey and so is this song. You really feel that you are on a road somewhere or an oft travelled path.

Half moon bay: Lachlan Bryanesque piano feel, with some great lyrics and a tune that carries you away. The images that this song conjures up are very clear.

This album delivered on many fronts.

Alt. Country has another champ

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