Musos: Listen up, here are some great deals for you.

Michael Carpenter – Record Production Packages
Unusually, i’ve had a whole bunch of people approach me this year about whether i do ‘project recording packages’. More so than at any time in my career. I guess we’re all looking for a bargain. A lot of people are secretive about prices, but i stand by the value in what i do. I’m also aware that there are lots of great great producers and studios around, and that people should examine their options.
I guess the point of the packages listed here is to give people a starting point, and some structure to start thinking about. I’m REALLY good at managing people’s budgets and expectations when it comes to record making. So of course, if you have an idea of what you want to do and it’s not listed here, let me know and we can customise it (and remember, videos, and graphic design and photography, or mixing and mastering are all things that I can do with, or separately, to recording). And lastly – just because it says ‘12 days recording’ doesn’t mean it has to be in one slog. You can do 12 days over 12 months if you like. I’ll always keep track of the work we do, and keep you informed of how we’re travelling.
Remember – if you budget carefully and sensibly, and realistically, whether you work with me or anyone else, you’ll always be able to keep to it while having a great creative experience.
Michael Carpenter – Record Production package deals
(All prices inc gst)
Single track package
12 hours recording/mixing/mastering – $1500 (normally $1650)
5 song EP package
8 days recording/mixing/mastering (64 hours) – $7500 (normally $8500)
11 song album package
17 days recording/mixing/mastering (136 hours) – $15,500 (normally $18,000)
The fine print
Additional hours will be charged out at standard $120 p/hour
Studio days are based on an 8 hour work day
All packages can be modified to suit the client’s needs (ie: song number/amount of days etc)
Studio documentary type music videos, standard music videos, EPKs (electronic press kits), in session photos available for additional, negotiable fee.
All extra session musicians beyond what MC generally plays, are an additional cost
Artists must pay a 25% deposit to secure sessions and another 25% at least a day in advance of the first day of session. A further 25% will be paid halfway through booked time. The balance will be paid on completion.
A further 5% discount will be offered for full payment up front.
You can check out a bunch of my work here…

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