Totally Biased Fan Review: My Soundtrack – Matt Cornell

There are a lot of musicians out there – particularly in country music – who fly under the radar. They are just as great as the ones who get all the headlines and the kudos, sometimes even greater, but they go through their careers and their lives without the recognition that they deserve.

It is the job of us fans out there to make sure that these excellent talents get that recognition, or at least open up the ears and eyes of as many as we can to these guys and gals.

Matt Cornell is one of this species. This album is quite splendiferous. The only fault with it is that it is too short! This is the third solo album by Matt, although he has also been part of Adam Brand’s Outlaws and he has featured on other people’s albums.

The quality of his co-writers and his musicians on this album and a very prolific and fine producer in Matt Fell (who plays everything on this album bar the spoons), shows that he is well respected and that he commands the best.

His fans have waited for this album for a while, we have been very excited as the day has drawn near.  The album was well worth the wait.


It’s Only Midnight (Alex Kline/Scott Stevens/Rob Crosby) – This is the only song on the album that Matt doesn’t co-write. It does have similar qualities to the other songs. You can easily see how it fits the brief.  It has that ‘song for a long car drive’ feel to it.

My Soundtrack (Matt Cornell/Allan Caswell/Drew McAlister) – Probably the best song on the album. It has Caswell and McAlister written all over it. Matt sometimes sings a little like Drew, and the words are classic Caswellisms. Definitely shower song material! See how many artists you can pick out of the song!

What He Does (Matt Cornell/Allan Caswell/Adam Church) – A good country rocking song about a working class man.

In This Town (Matt Cornell/Allan Caswell) – I think that we can all relate to the characters in this song, especially if you are from a small country town. A very hummable, toe tapping song.

Un-Break My Heart (Matt Cornell/Allan Caswell) – A lovely song. Beautiful melody, great words, strong vocals….what else do you need?

Rest of Our Lives (Matt Cornell/Damien Leith) – Fresh from the award winning co-write with Travis Collins (another one of those outlaws), Damien Leith has a hand in this song with Matt and it has a touch of the Celtic in it. A nice slow dance song.

Jenny Packs Her Bags (Matt Cornell/Allan Caswell) – This song has a touch of the Bryan Adams about it, and even a bit of Joe Jackson. (Gees now I am reflecting on my soundtrack!) A real toe tapper.

Matt’s vocals are at their peak and he has quite a range. A technically sound album with some great guitar driven tracks and some terrific ballads. The songs of this album will feature in many award ceremonies over the next 12 months and it will also get many plays on the radio.

You won’t be disappointed if you give this album a spin or three. I think many of those who don’t know Matt’s work will be awoken and go out in search for more. Great stuff.


Matt Cornell – vocals, backing vocals, bass and acoustic guitars

Matt Fell – Bass, acoustic and electric guitars, ukelele, banjo, keyboards, drum and keyboard programming, percussion, backing vocals …..phew!

Glen Hannah – Electric guitars

Josh Schuberth – Drums

Drew McAlister – Backing Vocals

Colin Coorie – Keys and piano on Un-break my heart.

Produced and Engineered by Matt Fell

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