Kaz’s Profiles in Country Music: Australian Stars #1

Name: Aleyce Simmonds

Born in Port Macquarie, raised in Tamworth

You’ll like her if you like country artists: Dianna Corcoran, Trisha Yearwood, Imogen Clark, Fanny Lumsden, Amber Lawrence, Catherine Britt, Melinda Schneider and if you have good taste.

Her voice is like: Pure Gold, Smooth, rich chocolate and fairy dust

Her songs are: True, heartfelt, soulful and at times, heartbreaking.

If she is this brilliant at 30…….: How bloody marvellous will she be at 50?

Out of the 79 types of Country Music, she is chiefly: Alt. Country, Country Blues, Country Soul, Country Celtic, Country Folk, Country Rock

Albums: Pieces Of Me, Believe, More than Meets the Eye. E.P. Mighty, Mighty Love

Best songs: Bondwood Boat, My Life Drives Me To Drink, Joshua, Believe, Healing Hands of Time, The Treehouse Song, Anchor, As Above, So Below, You Come Back

Fascinating Facts: Aleyce has a special way of remembering her fans’ names. I am a bit impossible to forget…she never has trouble remembering me! She has done b.v’s for most of the best Country Music Artists in Australia….on record and on stage. Don’t call her Alice. My father is convinced that Aleyce and her beautiful Mum, Michelle, are really sisters….I can’t convince him otherwise. She has performed and released duets with some of the best acts in the country, including: Shane Nicholson, Paul Costa and Lachlan Bryan. I have one of the few photos in the universe where she is wearing a hat….Luke O’Shea’s hat, no less. She doesn’t seem to like hats. I think that she had it on for 5 seconds. She has been nominated for 6 Golden Guitars (I think), but she has never won one. The day that she does, I will shout it from the Tamworth Lookout in a gold lame dress and high heels. She actually won one for Bondwood Boat but the presenters were given the wrong envelope off stage – so rumour has it. Her performance of that song with co-writer and hero, Graeme Connors, was one of the greatest performances ever at the Golden Guitars. Aleyce practically scooped the pool at Mildura a couple of years ago. She didn’t win best male vocal because she was way too pretty and it is hard to win the group vote when there is only one of her. She is one of the most genuine, talented, versatile, generous and sincere people that I’ve ever met. Forever my little buddy.

Website: www.aleyce.com




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