Kaz’s Country Music Profiles – Australian – #4

Name: Luke O’Shea

From: The Shire to be Shire to be Shire…..strong affiliation to Boggabri and Ireland.

Voice is like: an Irish balladeer crossed with an Aussie balladeer with a bit of something else in there that people can’t quite put their finger on.

Songs are: Aussie stories, autobiographical ballads and things that we can all relate to.

If you like: Eric Bogle, Kevin Johnson, Allan Caswell, Darren Colston, Mike Carr, Kris Kristofferson

Of the 79 types of Country Music he mainly sings: CountryCeltic, Countryfolk, Bush Ballads, Heritage Songs and Lovetry.

Albums: No Day Like Today, Listen to the Words, Caught Up in The Dreaming, Drover’s Wife, Sing You Up, Limited Edition Best Of, Prodigal Son

Best Songs: Listen to the Words, Sing You Up, Annie O’Shea, Lady of the Land, Begin and End In Love, Like Snow

Fascinating Facts: Only person to ever get Aleyce Simmonds to wear his hat. He was asked to run a male beauty salon with Michael Bryers. Michael was going to tease while he stirred. As a History Teacher, it is no surprise that many of Luke’s songs are well researched songs about Aussie legends and historical facts. I went to Luke’s gigs when there was only 3 people in the crowd. Now it is hard to get a standing spot. When Luke won his first Golden Guitars a few years ago, the applause was the longest in Golden Guitar History. Luke’s charity work often goes unrecognised. That’s the way he likes it but he does more for the underdog and the less fortunate than most country music artists. I know, because I have been a witness to some of his biggest charity drives. He was arrested for being too good looking shortly after his first Golden Guitars’ success….and also for fighting the good fight. Creator of more filler words in songs than anyone else on the planet.  His wife, Lizzie, has to put up with a lot from Luke’s Stalkers, but we love you too, Lizzie. One of the best songwriters in Australia, it took a long while for the greater public and official judges to recognise Lukie, but those of us with excellent taste – his stalkers and his peers – have always known how great he is.  With or without his Medicine Wheel, Luke is a national treasure. He has also been hailed as the Thinking Woman’s Country Music Sex Symbol. I like that.



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