Kaz’s Profiles – Country Music Artists – Australian #5

Name: Darren Colston

From: Somewhere on a bend by the willow by the Murray River

Voice sounds like: nobody else’s. Distinctive, passionate, strong and soothing.

Songs are: autobiographical, powerful, heartfelt, about Australia, Australians and the lyrics are clever and meaningful.

If you like: John Denver, Luke O’Shea, Mike Carr, Jim Croce, Allan Caswell, Karl Broadie

Albums: Darren Colston, The Happiness Tree, Come By Chance, Bare Bones

Best Songs: Drinkin’ Through Memories of You, Come By Chance, The Happiness Tree, Moving The Mullock, On the Bend by the Willow, Fly Away, The Boundary Rider

Fascinating Facts: People at gigs often think that I am related to Daz – usually big sister or a cousin. I probably know Darren better than I know most of my own family. I would be proud to call him my brother, I am sure that he would be a little bit scared if he was told that he was part of my family! Darren has a very dry sense of humour. He is very sensitive and sincere and just a beautiful guy with the most amazing voice and his way with words is incredible. His music is great for doing the housework to, dancing down the street or singing along to. He can sing anything. I have been at gigs where the crowd has thrown requests at him that seem crazy but he can still sing those songs, sometimes better than the original. One of the best gigs that I have ever been to was Darren’s show at Mildura RSL last year. It was heartfelt and a great balance between fun and sheer talent. He only owns three shirts. When I win the lotto, I will buy him a new one, not that he doesn’t look good in red or black or white….oh sorry, he has that blue and white checked one too. Must get him a navy blue shirt, preferably with a big CFC in white on it. Yes, Darren has one fault, he is a Collingwood supporter, but I have forgiven him for that. I personally think that he is the most underrated artist in this country, next to that chick that I did the profile on before, Allison Forbes. Two incredible talents with unique gifts.  I have a few things on Darren but being a loyal big sister, I won’t go there! He has been mistaken for Kevin Costner and my Dad likes his music, (that is always a tough test for modern country music artists). He is a perfectionist. He is a giver. Daz is a very generous and thoughtful person and songwriter. He doesn’t know how good he is. Hopefully, one day, the world will know.


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