Totally Biased Fan Review – Calling You – Lyn Bowtell

Nobody in Australian Country Music has morphed in to so many forms as Lyn Bowtell. There are few female voices in Australia who could cover the gamut of genres and vocal gymnastics to the extent of excellence that Lyn Bowtell does. One of my all time favourite country music artists in Australia for her wit, charm, sincerity, generosity and abundance of pure magical talent, our gem has now branched out into other fields of music and the word is spreading to a more diverse crowd.  This is thanks in part to a bold move by Lyn to go onto the tv show “The Voice”. I thought, WTF, when she first went on, because I thought that she was too good for a talent show and she doesn’t need to prove anything. What our Lyn did, however, was open some doors and introduce her magnificence to an audience who would (wrongly) not listen to a country music singer otherwise and thus shooting down some myths about country singers. It also offered that dreaded word, exposure. She should have gone further in the competition but the light has been turned on and people are not so negative. The fact that a country boy ended up winning helps too!

This EEP (extended, extended play), features two classics which she sang on the show and four originals.

Encore, Encore, The Voice sings proudly on!

The Tracks:

He Burns: Poppy, beat driven, catchy number – voice still powers through everything.

All My Life: We often talk about haunting voices in Australian Country Music these days – Lyn is probably one of the front runners in that aspect A nice mellow song that is a bit sad but beautiful.

Calling You: The title track of the EEP and another showcase for Lyn’s extremely amazing vocals. Polished and powerful and perfect. Lyn almost harmonizes with herself!

Far Away: (Feat. Damon Morton) – As soon as I saw who she was singing with I knew that this would be a bit spesh and a Kaz kinda song. Sad, sweet and extremely moving. Awesome duet for many reasons.

Fields of Gold – Classic Sting song – one of my favourite songs of all time. It has been sung by many, sung by Lyn on The Voice and truly a song that she makes her own. Sting and her dad would be proud. Such a perfect song for Lyn. Fits her like a glove.

Let It Be – Ironically, Lyn sings two of my favourite songs on this EEP  and this is the one that I hoped that she would sing on the voice, given the category. Actually, she doesn’t just sing it, it is like a psalm or a prayer. Two songs that seem to be written especially for her to sing.

Whether Lyn sings alone or with a trio or duo, she always gives us a beautiful gift to treasure.


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