Pa was Slim and I was Anne



Once upon a time

A little flower child

Tagged along behind

A man who loved to listen

To Cash and Slim

On shift work most of the time

He fell asleep on the floor


With country classics on the go

Records stacked six or more

Miller, Reeves, both Williams and the gang

But for Dad, Slim Dusty was the man


As a teen I kept to folk and rock

While Dad listened ‘round the clock

To his heroes, Johnny and Slim

I was more partial to their daughters

Rosann and Anne


While Pa was Slim, I was Anne


Out of the blue I listened to the songs of Anne

And her many sweet refrains

While Pa had the horse in the longyard

His hands tight on the reins

We would stir Ma with a chorus from the Biggest Disappointment

And sing about a pub with no beer

Dad had a lemonade with Duncan

While I had a bottle of wine with Anne

We listened to Joy’s songs sung by the Country King

Repeating the words of Gordon and Stan

Who wrote those songs for him


And though  I’d groan

When Slim won a golden guitar again

I smiled as Anne b.v’d and made a solo stand

Many mothers had her singing as Slim continued on

And dad cried like a man

When he learned that Slim had gone

Anne is still the Queen of Aussie CM

And the Dusty legend lives on

Pa and I are just two fans

We both love Slim

And we both love Anne.

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