Totally Biased Fan Review: Drew McAlister – Coming Your Way

Apart from a handful of tracks on Drew’s last album, I was a bit disappointed. This is mainly because I believe that Drew’s first album is one of Australia’s finest ever and I play it regularly at home and on radio still.

We had to wait a long time for that 2nd album, because Drew got a little sidetracked with Troy and then the Outlaws. It finally came about and I wasn’t as thrilled as I thought that I would be. To be fair, this is probably not Drew’s fault, it is probably my fault. The build up between the albums and the first one being so outstanding plus the added pressure after he had the Midas touch on so many wonderful albums and singles that he co-wrote for other people made it difficult.

However, all of that said and done, this album is just incredible from the first song to the last. It is truly amazing.

We only had to wait a little while for this one and it really so very close to perfection.  He mixes it up with some catchy ditties, country rock and some sweet ballads. Drew even sounds prouder in his announcements about the album. This is a very special delivery from one of our most sensational songwriters in Australia in any genre.

There are some wonderful songwriters joining Drew here, including three of my heroes: Mike Carr, Allan Caswell and the wonderfully talented but underrated Matt Scullion, Michael Carpenter and others.

Kissing A Girl Goodnight, Did it Anyway, Coming Your Way, Time, Better When I Do, Did It Anyway and Fooling Around In The Summer Time are probably my picks but there isn’t a dud amongst them.

This album is very close to the excellence produced in the first album.

It will be up there at GG time if it made the deadline and it is definitely in line for some Kazzie Nominations. The voice is stronger than ever and there is enough here to please both the country rockers and old geezers like me who like to listen to the words.


Coming Your Way – Drew

Better Buzz – Drew, Matt, Allan

Ain’t Waiting On the Weekend – Bobby Huff, Ben Burgess and Craig Wiseman

Kissing A Girl Goodnight – A J Pruis, Matthew West, Thomas Fitchum

Fooling Around in the Summertime – Drew and Allan

Did it anyway – Drew and Mike

Time – Drew, Matt and Allan

Better When I Do – Drew, Allan and Michael Carpenter

Wake up Call – Drew and Matt

Australian Heartbeat – Drew, Matt and Allan



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