Totally Biased Fan Review – Rick Hart: Let Me In

2017 has been a boom year for Australian Indie Country Music Artists. Every release has been long awaited and much anticipated and we have been teased by singles and promises of the gifts that music brings our hearts, souls and ears. This was one such promise, and not one of the releases has let me down yet, on the contrary, they have been all beyond my wildest expectations.

This is no exception. Rick has teased us with singles and E.Ps. This is a definite album, with all of those little hint singles and a whole lot more. I know that Rick has worked hard on this album. He has poured a lot of love and time into it and the finished product shows just how much.

Rick has a unique gift in the way that he can alternate his voice and his sound for each song. No two songs are alike, apart from the fact that they are all special.

Let him in, and bolt the door behind him.



Sweet Emmylou: Beautiful harmonies and a sweet sounding country song to open up proceedings. Full of imagery and melancholy.

Shooting Star: Catchy opening riff and some clever lyrics. Almost sounding like Harry Chapin here. Could be a shower song contender come Kazzie Awards time.

Cyclone Nancy: I think that we have had someone like Cyclone Nancy in our lives. This is almost a bit John Lennon like….it is pretty hard to get a higher honour than that. Well thought out lyrics.

To the Grave: This song is one of my favourites of the year, and I am not alone in that one. The video is terrific too. Rick at his best.

Levon Helm: I remember the first time that I heard this song. I just actually heard the title and I smiled. Considering that The Band is one of my favourite bands of all time – who doesn’t love the dvd “The Last Waltz” and the wonderful acting performance by Levon in The Coalminer’s Daughter? – I had to love this song.  I even won a few dollars on a pacer at Harold Park called Levon Helm. The image of Levon’s face was with me when I heard it first and it is still with me when I hear it. A sad song that sticks in the memory.

Let Me In – He’s the real thing, for sure. Beautiful song and an appropriate one for the title track.

Driver Alone:  A multi-layered song with a good backbeat.  A little more uptempo than some of the other songs.

Little Pieces with Vanessa Hart: Lovely duet with the Mrs. It doesn’t get much more country than this. Eat your heart out George and Tammy.

Close the Door: A little country rocking number without going O.T.T.  A nice rollicking groove. A little Travelling Wilburyish. It might be one for the air guitar or the dance floor.

Weighing on My Mind: A little bluesy number. It is one of those songs that you will hum long after the music finishes.

Love Gets The Better Of Me With Elysia Gomez: A lovely way to end a beaut album. Sounding like a cross between Bob Dylan and Tom Petty with the sweet sounds of Elysia, this is a gem.

All songs written by Rick Hart, except for Shooting Star, written by Rick Hart and Evan Hart

Produced by Michael Zammit and Rick Hart

Recorded and Mixed by Michael Zammit

Mastered by David Briggs

Rick Hart: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Michael Zammit: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Violin

Althea Del Veccio, Vanessa Hart: Vocals

Brendan Mitchell: pedal steel


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