Those 79 shades of country music! Well, 57 of them!

About 10 years ago, I received an email with a survey on it from an official Tamworth Country Music Festival faction after the festival was over. One of the questions asked me to tick the boxes of any of the  79 different types of country music that I had heard at Tamworth. The email was replied to and deleted long ago. I did write some of them down at the time and debated these types on facebook with musos and fans at the time on the list’s merit. If anyone has kept the full list after receiving the same email, please let me know. These are the ones that I scribbled down at the time, 55 of the 79 types, some that I am still trying to work out!

  1. Country and Western
  2. Bush Ballads
  3. Alt. Country/Americana
  4. Country Folk
  5. Country Rock (Hard)
  6. Country Rock (Soft)
  7. Country Celtic
  8. Country Blues
  9. Country Instrumental
  10. Country Comedy
  11. Steam Punk Country
  12. Bluegrass
  13. Newgrass
  14. Children’s Country
  15. Country Soul
  16. Spoken Country
  17. Country Pop (Female)
  18. Country Pop (Male)
  19. Classic Country
  20. Yodelling
  21. Appalacian Country
  22. Country Punk
  23. Country Funk
  24. Country Traditional
  25. Country Swing
  26. Texas Swing
  27. Country Waltzes
  28. Home Sewn Country
  29. Hillbilly Country
  30. Rockabilly
  31. Australian Country
  32. American Country
  33. New Zealand Country
  34. Country Reggae
  35. Country Gospel
  36. Island Country
  37. Plains Country
  38. Northern Country
  39. Southern Country
  40. Heartland Country
  41. Fusion Country
  42. Dance Country
  43. Disco Country
  44. Country Romantic Music
  45. Country Love Songs
  46. Thread Country
  47. Blues and Roots Country
  48. Orchestral Country
  49. Country Strings
  50. Country Brass
  51. Country Steel
  52. Latin Country
  53. Mexican Country
  54. Outback Country
  55. Bar Room Country
  56.  Thrash Country
  57. through to 79 – I can’t remember…or scraps of paper have been lost. Again, if anybody has the original list via email from 8-10 years ago from Tamworth, let me know….and/or let me know what some of these mean!   In the end, it is all just good music, no matter what you call it.

Kaz’s Top 50 – final bit! 20-1!

20- Light in the window – Tania Kernaghan

19 – Unbreak my heart – Matt Cornell

18 – Little C Word – Michael Waugh

17 – High Hopes – Carpenter Caswell

16 – Patsy Cline x 2 – The April Family

15 – Anchor – Aleyce Simmonds

14 – Slaughterhouse Blues – Gretta Ziller

13 – Inasmuch – Darren Coggan and Felicity Urquhart

12 – Wanda – Stuie and Cam

11 – Just Down The Hall – Kalesti Butler

10 – 4.35 – Paul Costa

9 – Where My heart Used to Be – Sandra Humphries

8 – The Wreckage – Melody Moko

7 – Bury Me Sane – Melody Moko

6 – Judgement Day – Christie Lamb

5 – Queen of Boomtown – Gretta Ziller

4 – You’re Someone that I never knew – The April Family

3 – Last Word On My Lips – Aleyce Simmonds

2 – From the bottom of a well – Brad Butcher

And number one?

  1. To The Grave – Rick Hart

Kaz’s Top 50 part 3 – 30 -21

30 – Take my hand – Michaela Jenke

29 – Garden of Needs – Matt Henry

28 – He’s a Writer of Songs – Melissa Robertson

27 – Nowhere Else to Fall – Arna Georgia

26 – February Sky – Lloyd Clarke

25 – Before we say goodbye – Angus Gill

24 – Well Dressed Man – Brad Butcher

23 – Hazel Eyes – Amber Joy Poulton

22 – Bad Weather – Kelly Cork and Jen Mize

21 – Mark my words – Brad Butcher

Kaz’s Top 50 part 2 – 40-31

40 – Beautiful Silence – Carter and Carter

39 – Roll On – Fanny Lumsden

38- All the Rivers In Between – Pete Dawson

37 – Waltzing Australia – The Bushwackers and friends

36 – That’s Not Me – Kerry Kennedy

35 – Far Away – Lyn Bowtell and Damon Morton

34 – Wide Brimmed Hat – Ashleigh Dallas and Rex Dallas

33 – As Above, So Below – Aleyce Simmonds and Shane Nicholson

32 – Want that back again – Carpenter Caswell and Felicity

31 – As Memories Fade – Emma Jene


Kaz’s Top 50 for 2017 – Part One!

Hey folks, this is my top 50 Aussie Country Songs for 2017. It was hard to get it down to 50 and hard to put them in order. There will probably be others later that I think of, but it basically gets down to these.  They are a very mixed bag! They didn’t necessary have to be singles, but they had to be off albums from 2017 or on albums coming up….or just singles brand new (not off 2016 albums).

Here goes nothing – 50 to 41

50 – Safe – Shane Nicholson

49 – What You Mean to Me – Davidson Brothers

48 – Wrong – Kora Naughton

47 – City Bound Trains – Paddy McHugh

46 – Trouble with Drinking – NeillyRich

45 – Thousand Different Pictures – Sharon Heaslip

44 – Boxes – Amber Lawrence and Travis Collins

43 – Let’s Go Drivin’ – Ben Ransom

42 – Somewhere in the middle – Clelia Adams

41 – Coal Town – James Stewart Keene

Lassoing 2017 and Merry Christmas!

2017 has been a big year in Country Music in Australia. There have been so many wonderful albums. I think that at last count, I had finished 88 reviews. Economic circumstances, distance and a few injuries have stopped me from getting to a few gigs this year, so I can’t be so specific on them, but I have listened to a lot of music and thanks to Bob Browne, Therese McKee and Carol at 2GLF, I have been able to introduce and spread the word on many up and coming acts and those who don’t usually get that dreaded exposure word.

I have had some golden moments in the rough this year. Tamworth was a blast. Carol said that I had seen everybody but the cleaner there this year….actually, I did see the cleaner. She was a hoot.

Tamworth was extra special for me this year because I got to meet a few of my country music friends who I had never met in real life, like the Deshons. I also got to cheer on The Weeping Willows who were nominated for four awards. Laura and Andy have become good friends….I even moved to Victoria to stalk them….(ha, ha). They surprised me on my birthday in Tamworth by dedicating my favourite WW song to me. Allan Caswell did the same and Col Finley made me feel good on my birthday too. The gigs were great in Tamworth. It was great to see the Indies get so much exposure. I also got to meet The April Family: Michael, Kylie and Casey who have become favourites with me and also mates. They had the album of the year in the Kazzies and were fantastic throughout the year. Brad Butcher, Gretta Ziller, Rick Hart, Aleyce Simmonds, Shane Nicholson, Kasey Chambers, Christie Lamb, Amber Lawrence, Matt Henry, Matt Cornell, Melody Moko, Darren Coggan, Melissa Robertson, Ashleigh Dallas, Angus Gill, Lloyd Clark, Tania Kernaghan, Arna Georgia, Michaela Jenke, Lyn Bowtell, Fanny Lumsden, Paul Costa, Dean Perrett, Kerry Kennedy, Camille and Stuie, Carter and Carter, Neilly Rich, The Davidson Brothers, The Bushwackers, Sandra Humphries, Amber Joy, Kalesti Butler, Emma Jene, and many others had great releases.

The ongoing friendships that I have had with many of my country music family and their families is just overwhelming.

A very special moment happened in Melbourne just last month with The Long and The Short of It. I hope to report on it more soon, but it was typical of the beautiful connections that I have with these amazing folks, not just through music but off stage as well.

As previously mentioned, I reviewed artists from the age of 10 to over 80 this year. They were a well balanced mob of males and females and they definitely covered most of the 79 different styles.

I look forward to the huge amount of new releases coming through in the next year. I hope to get into some community radio again down here in Victoria.

I want to thank Cathy Dobson in particular for suggesting that I try and write posts each week for I think that the word is spreading to wider places than this little blog.

Allan and Marian Caswell have been very encouraging and always supportive of everything that I do….except for supporting my footy teams!  Allan was a bit slack this year, he only wrote/co-wrote 50 million songs instead of 80 million but he still did pretty good!

My Tamworth Marvia (The Marvellous Sisters – Sal, Allison, Wendy, Jodie, Kelly, Aleyce, etc), my sisters from another mister, Susan Lily, Melissa Robertson and all my fellow fans, especially Lynne, the Donnas, Kaylene, Craig-Lee, The Deshons, Larissa, Troy, Nat and David, Nick, Mark, M.T. and many others that are part of my family now, especially Ian Russell, who has been just super.

The music is the best that it has ever been. I love my country music family. Looking forward to all of the new releases and special hugs to my country music bro, Darren Colston, and to Mike (my hero) and Lisa. Thanks to Katie Brianna for making me laugh and Ben Ransom for his many kindnesses.

Thanks to all of the artists who have had so much faith in me and for giving me your beautiful music, near and far, from Kristy and Tamara and all in America, to Connie Kis in W.A, Phil Doublet in NZ etc. you are all just awesome.

It has been a big year. Go the Indies, all the best for Tamworth.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kaz xoxo