Those 79 shades of country music! Well, 57 of them!

About 10 years ago, I received an email with a survey on it from an official Tamworth Country Music Festival faction after the festival was over. One of the questions asked me to tick the boxes of any of the  79 different types of country music that I had heard at Tamworth. The email was replied to and deleted long ago. I did write some of them down at the time and debated these types on facebook with musos and fans at the time on the list’s merit. If anyone has kept the full list after receiving the same email, please let me know. These are the ones that I scribbled down at the time, 55 of the 79 types, some that I am still trying to work out!

  1. Country and Western
  2. Bush Ballads
  3. Alt. Country/Americana
  4. Country Folk
  5. Country Rock (Hard)
  6. Country Rock (Soft)
  7. Country Celtic
  8. Country Blues
  9. Country Instrumental
  10. Country Comedy
  11. Steam Punk Country
  12. Bluegrass
  13. Newgrass
  14. Children’s Country
  15. Country Soul
  16. Spoken Country
  17. Country Pop (Female)
  18. Country Pop (Male)
  19. Classic Country
  20. Yodelling
  21. Appalacian Country
  22. Country Punk
  23. Country Funk
  24. Country Traditional
  25. Country Swing
  26. Texas Swing
  27. Country Waltzes
  28. Home Sewn Country
  29. Hillbilly Country
  30. Rockabilly
  31. Australian Country
  32. American Country
  33. New Zealand Country
  34. Country Reggae
  35. Country Gospel
  36. Island Country
  37. Plains Country
  38. Northern Country
  39. Southern Country
  40. Heartland Country
  41. Fusion Country
  42. Dance Country
  43. Disco Country
  44. Country Romantic Music
  45. Country Love Songs
  46. Thread Country
  47. Blues and Roots Country
  48. Orchestral Country
  49. Country Strings
  50. Country Brass
  51. Country Steel
  52. Latin Country
  53. Mexican Country
  54. Outback Country
  55. Bar Room Country
  56.  Thrash Country
  57. through to 79 – I can’t remember…or scraps of paper have been lost. Again, if anybody has the original list via email from 8-10 years ago from Tamworth, let me know….and/or let me know what some of these mean!   In the end, it is all just good music, no matter what you call it.

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