Totally Biased Fan Review – Ben Ransom – 101

I have been a long time Ben Ransom fan. I think that he is one of the nicest blokes in Australian Country Music, and that is saying a lot, since there are very few who are not nice!  He’s just a good guy. Of course, he is also a talented one. I have never met anyone who has a bad word about this fella. He could go in many different directions with his music. I think that one reason why he has played the Royal Easter Show so many times is that he can be so diverse and appeal to a wide audience. He also has a way about him which just makes him extremely loveable to all ages and people with different tastes.

This album has been brewing for a while. Personally, there is a lot to be said for quality over quantity. Ben Ransom has the market cornered on this. This album has something for everybody.

The Tracks:

You’re the reason why – A cool, boppy and bright country rock song to start proceedings.

Let’s Go Driving – Nominated for Shower Song of the Year at the Kazzies and a close second to Matt Henry’s “Garden of Needs’. Very catchy and a song that gets you happy and gets under your skin. No.1. on the Country Tracks for a while this last year.

Beautiful World – A Kaz kind of track. Beautiful World is a beautiful song. Gentle and moving. Probably my favourite song on the album.

Dry Town – Familiar story in Australia – sung to what seems an up tempo beat – perhaps to express anger, anxiety and a sense of emergency. Strangely offers hope through determination.

Heartland – I heard Ben sing this at  The Royal Easter Show in Sydney last year. It seemed an apt song for such an occasion, almost an anthem. I believe Sir Allan Caswell had a hand in it….not surprising.

Same Song Different Day – Current single. If Jimmy Barnes and Drew McAlister had a son it would be Ben Ransom. Ha! I can hear and see why this is a single. Nice guitars and drums on this one. Nice clean up on the title!

Young Years – The only cover on the album and what a great choice – could link it to my fave Ben song ‘Billy Cart Days’. Sharon O’Neill penned this song with her hubby for Dragon back in the day….my day – a classic song from my late teens. Sharon was one of my idols, still is. Ah, nostalgia!

Be with you tonight – a song to sway to with a candle. speccy song from our Benny Boy. Yeah, I love my ballads.

Rock This Town and Roll – (featuring Phil Emmanuel) – Talking of heroes! a bit of almost boogie woogie blues with the one and only Phil Emmanuel. I remember two amazing gigs with Phil. One with Tommy supporting ‘America’ in Sydney in the 80’s and and the other one at Tamworth Showground when he did a 3hour solo gig. Very cool stuff.

Dog Day – A catchy song – probably a shower song in the offing, but I would have ended the album with the previous track and this could have been the penultimate track.

Ben Ransom is a gem. Watch him shine. Lessons in good music, 101.


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