Totally Biased Fan Review: I’m Just A Song – Matt Scullion

Life holds many mysteries. One of the biggest to me is why Matt Scullion isn’t a  superstar. I like to think that it is because he just doesn’t want to be. He spends a lot of time in the USA these days, but splits his time between Australia and there. He has written lots of songs….mostly for other people. You would be surprised just how many and who for. As far as I am concerned, he is one of the best songwriters in this country, in any genre.

He takes an everyday subject and works it with words into something that you hadn’t counted on. He is the kind of writer that makes you wonder….”Why didn’t I think of that! It is obvious!” Of course, it is only obvious after he points it out to you!  He is a storyteller. Every song that he writes has parts to it like a short story. It is not just words and music for the sake of it.

Everybody has driven by a cross on the side of the road, everybody has got themselves into scrapes and wondered how they are going to get out of it, everybody has done something after a few drinks that they have regretted. We have all had a great love, a broken heart, a change of heart – they are things that Matt deals with in his songs, but from several different angles and sometimes disguised with clever lyrics and mixed metaphors. One of the most relevant songs for music lovers would be In the Grooves. I am not sure who Matt was targeting with this song but essentially, it could have been about any of the many that we have lost in the music industry in the last few years. You could really apply it to anyone from Karl Broadie to Merle Haggard to Audrey Auld to David Bowie to Leonard Cohen, for that matter. No gender is mentioned, no name, no hint at lyrics from the person’s songs. To all that we have loved and lost, perhaps.

Of course, I love the ballads best but there are some country rocking, country blues tracks too.

Matt doesn’t release too many albums. They are rare, quality gems. As I mentioned earlier, he writes for and co-writes with others for their albums. As a singer, he is as strong as he is with what he writes. I just love listening to his lyrics. He does have a magic pen.

I always enjoy his songwriting sessions and his cool, relaxed way of presenting his music at gigs.

Some of these songs will make you cry, some will make you smile and some will just make you dance or groove along. They are all different, they all make you think a little and they all make you proud that as an Australian, you have this man amongst your fellow Aussies.

The title is a little puzzle itself. Once you listen to the words, you will understand.

An amazing album.

The Tracks:

Outta my own way

I bet

Tears on a Page

Too drunk to truck

I ain’t that over you yet

In the grooves


Favourite distraction

I’m just a song

Do some shots

For a day

Been there, drunk that

Roadside Cross


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