Totally Biased Fan Review – It’s ok to be me – Tyson Lucas

Male winner of the Nathaniel O’Brien Rising Star award at the Kazzies’ in 2017, Tyson Lucas is the real deal. Bob Browne had a track on the community radio cd and played it for me last year and after it finished, I just said ‘Wow’. This young fella (he’s just finished school), is a younger version of a cross between Roo Arcus and Troy Cassar-Daley.

Now, I hate drawing comparisons, as most artists have some wonderful unique qualities as well, as Tyson does, but it is hard not to think of these two, not only in style and talent but also in personality. This young fella has an old head on his shoulders. He is polite, thoughtful and very passionate about what he does.  I think that those qualities are things that Troy and Roo have too.

His songs are very reflective of his life, his family and his attitude. There is no mistaking this music for anything but pure country. From what I can tell, his family is very close and supportive and solid. That always helps.

This E.P. is only the start of big things to come. Tyson is keeping the homefires burning with that pure country sound. It is hard to believe that Tyson is so young. He sings and writes with such a wonderful maturity.

Three tracks off this E.P. have already been released as singles. Hopefully, this leads to a full album soon. Tyson sings songs that he has written or that he can relate to, and he doesn’t sing songs that don’t fit his age or are outside his own realm.  He wears the hat that fits him.

Having said that, it is easy to relate to the lyrics and the songs are ones that you will be humming and that you will play over and over again.

He’s a special young man with a big future.

The Tracks:

It is ok to be me

Lessons Learned

In Good Time

We just want to be with you


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