Totally Biased Fan Review – Kate Hindle – Ready For The Ride

I have rarely been more emotional about writing a review about an album – or mini album/ EEP as I have about this one. It is appropriate to start this marathon lot of album reviews with this one, from a young artist who has endured a marathon of life changing events over the last few years. I am so very proud to review this EEP (extended, extended play). I first met Kate at Mildura Country Music Festival in 2016. I am 34 years older than Kate and I have had quite a life, but this young lady’s story and maturity – both musically and as a human being is quite extraordinary. She has been playing instruments since she was 8 and and she can play quite a few. Her influences are broad, as this EEP displays quite prominently. The beauty of Mildura is that you get to see your favourite artists more than once or twice, and in many different ways. My favourite gig with Kate was with Country Music Legend, Allan Caswell and The Rough Diamonds in a Songwriters session.

Kate came across as a very humble young singer songwriter. Her gentle and sweet voice seemed to form almost a ying and yang relationship with the lyrics of her songs. It worked. The young Western Australian was under the watchful eye of Sir Allan that day and you could see that she met with his approval.

Kate is a graduate of the Academy and she has a strong connection with Bush Balladeers but her songs are far reaching. Her journey that has included the Toyota Starmaker quest, singing with Travis Collins and Lee Kernaghan and others and being brave enough to follow her dream to head to Tamworth from Western Australia at such a young age has been a courageous and amazing adventure. Kate admitted at Mildura that a lot of her songs are written after having her heart broken. Her biggest challenge was to come, with a back injury that almost left her paralysed. She was wheelchair confined for a long time, and in and out of hospitals after a series of misdiagnosis and eventual surgery. She had to make the big decision to go back to W.A. to recover with her family and put the big dream on hold.

Kate is back in Tamworth this week with this new EEP. She will be surrounded by a group of Tamworth Country Music Artists and fans who believe in her and who want to spread the love and the word about this wonderful young woman and talented artist.

With songs co-written with fellow W.A. musician, Jonny Taylor, Tamworth’s gem, Felicity Urquhart and featuring covers of Anne Murray’s Snowbird, Patsy’s Walking After Midnight and an extraordinary version of the Buddy Weston penned Slim Dusty song, Footsteps Coming Home, Kate shows her diversity and her own special style.

Many of us on facebook and in Kate’s musical circle have watched and waited for this moment. It is a remarkable story and victory against many odds that would seem too massive for most folks to recover from. Emotionally and physically, Kate has been on quite a ride. Now she is ready for a different ride, as I am sure this EEP will re-launch her into a new era of success and good health.

The Tracks:

Ready For The Ride – Says it all, really. This song is sad and positive at the same time. It is appropriate to have this track as the first one….and the name of the EEP.

Snowbird – A slightly more up tempo version of the Anne Murray classic. Most country music fans of my generation were heavily influenced by Anne and it is good to see the tradition carries on.

My Whiskey Lullaby (co-written with Jonny Taylor) – This song about an alcoholic is not to be confused with the Krauss/Paisley Whiskey Lullaby! There are some neat guitar licks on here and a change of pace from some other songs on the EEP.

Loneliness (co-write with Felicity) – This is such a beautiful, haunting song. It is probably my favourite on the EEP.  Showcases Kate’s voice wonderfully and the gentle guitar work is spot on.

Walking After Midnight – The Patsy Cline classic shows Kate’s traditional country influences and stylings. Kate does a beaut job.

Piece by Piece – A fabulous song. Again, it shows Kate’s way of sounding uplifting about a subject that is kind of gloomy. It is an extraordinary blend.

Footsteps Coming Home – The Buddy Weston penned Slim Dusty song, which I have to admit that I have never heard before, which is pretty amazing, since Slim is my Dad’s God and I have had Slim in my ears since I was little. It is a wonderful song and Kate does a fantastic job.

Kate Hindle is one of many fabulous young country music artists in this country who will lead us on to a very strong future in country music. The best songs, particularly in country music, come from life’s experiences. Kate has already had more than her share. I predict that she will go on to be one of our biggest stars. She has what it takes, she just needs the opportunities.

Kate is also a great role model for anyone, not matter what age. Never give up on your dreams.

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