Totally Biased Fan Review – Ricochet – Kristy Cox

My impatience got the better of me and I bought the Itunes version so that I could listen to this album and one of my favourite artists before I received the physical copy. So, the credits and technical details are not as evident in this review as I would like them to be.

We are all very proud of Kristy, who has been living in the U.S.A. for a while now with hubby, Travis List and her gorgeous little gal, Adelaide. This South Australian artist will always be an Aussie, she’s even making sure that the Americans get a taste of meat pies these days. Her success as a Bluegrass artist in America is going from strength to strength, especially with the influence of the wonderful Jerry Salley.

I always look forward to a new release from Kristy. Travis and Kristy are currently in Tamworth strutting their stuff. On the release of one of her earlier albums, Kristy gave a free gig at The Pub in Tamworth. In my posts in the lead up to the gig – I said, are you crazy? Wondering why such an amazing artist was giving a free gig! When I met her that night, she said, ‘You’re the one who thinks I’m crazy!’. It was meant with love.

It is no surprise that Kristy’s talents have spread across the ocean. Her music is definitely the traditional bluegrass sometimes pure country sound. Her vocals are getting stronger and better, though it is hard to improve on perfection.

There aren’t many reviews out there at the moment, and the one that I found from overseas sounds like the guy swallowed a dictionary and I wasn’t sure whether he liked the album or not. If you want to be confused, read it!

It will come as no surprise to you that one of my favourites is Sweet English Rose, not just for the Australian content, or the Celtic feel but it is just a beautiful song.

I Still Pray was made famous in Australia a few years back by Kasey Chambers and Paul Kelly…..two other South Australians! South Australia is producing more and more talented country music performers and songwriters these days. It is becoming quite a boom state for the genre.

The beauty of Bluegrass and Country Music in general, is that it can take you from the depths of despair to overwhelming joy and toe tapping fun stuff. Kristy takes you on that journey with consummate ease. I love the duet with Brandon Rickman, A Bed This Cold. What an awesome song and the vocals are perfection.

From rollicking and rambling bluegrass to sweet refrains, our Kristy has done it again. She will always be our Kristy, no matter how big and famous she gets worldwide. I am very proud of this gal. We all should be.

The Tracks:

South to North Carolina: From the opening banjo riff and the Aussie references, Kristy had me hooked. A cross cultural experience!

Cry Me A River: Not the famous, much covered classic, but a different kind of river. More country than bluegrass, highlights Kristy’s range.

Just Me Leaving: Toe tapping from the start, a mellow ditty melody wise, lyric wise a bit more biting, as you would expect from the title.

A Bed this Cold: Beautiful, sad duet with Brandon Rickman. Definitely one of my favourites on the album. Great lyrics.

Ricochet: The single and title track. A good heart starter and one to dance around the living room to.

Right where you left it: A lot of people will relate to these lyrics, from the simple lines to the more intricate ones. Another favourite for me. Love it.

I can almost smell the smoke: Very hummable song, with a healthy dose of fiddles and banjos, mellow style. I could almost smell the smoke listening to it.

Sweet English Rose: As previously mentioned, I love this one. it has all the things that I love in a song. It even has an O’Shea mentioned in it….that gives it an extra brownie point.

Blame it on God – An awesome song, a twist on an idea and some cool lyrics. Yeah, it is a love song. Awwww.

I still pray – A good way to end the album, with some help from some friends! Yes, as I mentioned before, it is the song made famous by Kasey and Paul a few years ago.

Another gem from Kristy and Jerry. I’ll make sure that I have some Chiko Rolls on me next time that I see you, hon.

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