Totally Biased Fan Review: Wild Heart – Tara Favell

Number 6 and last review for the day and by no means least!  I met Tara (and her Mum!) a few years ago at Amber Lawrence’s charity walk for Heart Disease at Maroubra. The first thing that I noticed was her sparkly guitar. I had only seen one a bit like it before and that was Melinda Schneider’s. I thought that was a good sign. Also, Amber has a good ear for support acts and helping young ones out. All good signs.

Tara is one of the hardest working people in country music. She is still working her way through but I don’t know anybody else who would do a lot of the gigs that she does. She turns up at shopping centres all over Sydney and some of the most obscure places.

I have been looking forward to this EP. I have loved watching her grow and evolve. She is finding her own way, doing her own thing. I saw something in her that day at Maroubra, with her sparkly guitar and all of the kids rushing up to the stage.

She has a similar appeal to Amber. She can attract the very young and oldies like me and everyone in between. I think that she was in danger of becoming too poppy for country at first but I saw it in her….she had something special and original there too.

Tara has a beautiful voice, it could go to a few genres. I am glad that she stuck with us! This is a very well produced EP.  I think that the world is Tara’s oyster.

I like all five tracks for different reasons but I think that the duet with Josh Setterfield, Starting Over is my favourite.

The only thing about EPs and EEPs is that they leave you wanting more…..which I guess is a good thing too. Tara shines as much as her guitar.

The Tracks:



Starting Over with Josh Setterfield

Nothing like You


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