Totally Biased Fan Review – Coster Country – Take Two, a tribute to my Dad – Tracy Coster

Australian Country Music wouldn’t be Australian Country Music without Stan Coster. Well that is my opinion, and I am not alone in that thinking. I firmly believe that as great as Slim Dusty was, he wouldn’t have been the star that he was and the legend that he is without Stan Coster songs (and Joy’s and Gordon’s and others). Slim would have been the first to agree with that, I think. Tracy Coster is a singer/songwriter in her own right. She is dedicated, however, to preserving and keeping alive her Dad’s music. My Dad has always been a fan of traditional country music and bush ballads and I have developed an appreciation for it.  These songs are not only an important part of Australian Country Music History, they are an important part of Australian History.

These songs are stories of our country, with all of its bumps and bruises and high roads and low roads. We have a new wave of bush ballads and heritage songs coming through and it is largely thanks to blokes like Stan. There are a lot of young artists coming through, travelling the country side like the old Balladeers used to and writing new songs about old and new Australia. A new understanding of our true history and the battles that we have faced as Aussies over the years has also contributed to the new wave coming through. It has almost become trendy to write these kinds of songs now and they can thank Stan and co. for starting that trend in the first place.

Tracy’s delivery of these songs is a labour of love. You can tell with every song sung that her heart is in it. I can imagine that a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into these songs too.

Of course, I knew Three Rivers Hotel and Cunnamulla Fella and a few others sounded familiar but a lot of these songs are new to me, and I think that a lot of us from the last few generations will hear these songs in a new way and appreciate the lyrics and the stories behind them.

There is a bit of every thing here, with emotions changing with every song. There is humour with Richard Head (with Chad Morgan) (I actually went to school with a guy called Richard Head in Tamworth!) and other songs which tell sad stories and songs of everyday life.

Jeff Brown, Jayne Coster and Glenn Jones join Tracy too. Y’all won’t be surprised to hear that the duet with Beccy Cole, Freedom on the Road is one of my favourites. It has some very subtle Beccy touches that her fans will get before some others do. Tracy and Beccy have quite a bit in common….you may not think so, but they do. It is a beaut song and a great collaboration.

I love How Could You Cause Me Such Pain and I’ll say no more. They are probably my two favourites. When You’re Short of a Quid is the quintessential Aussie song. Really, Vegemite and meat pies and kangaroos have nothing on this effort.

I have always liked Tracy’s ability to adapt to different styles. Beccy can do that too. Not many people can, it is a gift in itself.

This is a beaut album for all generations of Australians. You will be able to identify with the characters, the land around you and light and shade of it all. I will have to go back and get Volume 1 now!

A fair dinkum bottler.  As always, you have done Stan proud.

The Tracks:

Itching Feet

Freedom on the Road (with Beccy Cole)

Song of the Cobb and Co. Twitch

Old Gilbert

Isa Rodeo

Old Rocking Horse with Jayne Coster

Return of the Stockman

How Could You Cause Me Such Pain

Whoa Bullocks, Whoa (with Glenn Jones)

When You’re Short of A Quid

Coley (with Jeff Brown)

I’ll say no more

Richard Head (with Chad Morgan)

Three Rivers Hotel

Cunnamulla Fella



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