Totally Biased Fan Review – Jodie Crosby – Jodie Crosby

We are so used to seeing the names The Crosby Sisters, rather than just Jodie Crosby. Jodie and Kelly have been a part of Australian Country Music culture and particularly Tamworth Country Music Culture for so long that splitting them up seems like splitting up The Beatles. However, a change is as good as a holiday and Kelly contributes here, co-writing with Jodie on the single, What A Shame. We are all trying to get Kelly to produce an album soon too. Jodie said in a recent interview that it is not the end of singing with her sister, it is just a new adventure.

This album has been a long time coming and if you look at where it was recorded, you will see that the Leyland Brothers have nothing on this Crosby Sister.

Whether she is singing and goofing around with Kel or singing by herself, Jodie will always be a star. This collection of songs is pure country and there are some great new songs and a few classics. Jodie is well backed by some legendary Tamworth voices and songwriters.

Rusty Crook does a wonderful job, steering the ship instrumentally and production wise.

I have known Jodie for a lot longer than she has known me. Once we met, The Crosby gals have become my Tamworth Sisters. I had been to a lot of their gigs and played a lot of their music before we communicated. We are family now, so this is an extra biased review. However, if you don’t like this album and the beautiful, heartfelt vocals and well chosen songs, then there really is no hope for you. It is just lovely. Now come on Kelly, it is your turn!

The Tracks:

Hello (Ethan Crosby-Wolfe/Jodie Crosby) – The single that got the ball rolling, co-penned with Jodie’s very talented son, Ethan. Perfect way to launch a solo career and a well loved song on community radio. ( We flogged it!)

History Of Us (Jodie Crosby/Allison Forbes) – These two ladies separately are dynamos. Combine their writing and singing and what would you expect? Fabulous song.

Man Like You (Glenn Goldsmith) – A real yee ha song. Lots of torch and twang here. A real shoulder shifting song.

No One will Ever Know (Fred Rose/Mel Forre) – Classic country and such a beautiful rendition. Love the torch and twang. Some beaut fiddle, Alan.

Red Dust Trails (Lyndsay Hammond) – The kind of song that Jodie sings best. So country that you can smell the hay.

What a Shame (Kelly Crosby/Jodie Crosby) – Sister Kelly co-wrote this one with Jodie and it is a slightly different path, a little bit of a blues feel. This was the second single.

Broken (Jodie Crosby/Russell Crook) – I love all of the songs on this album, I really can’t fault it, not that I want to, but this is pretty close to my favourite. It is a little bit different and Jodie does things with her voice that are pretty damn cool. The fiddle on this is just wonderful.

(I’d Be) a legend in my time (Don Gibson) – I have never heard a woman sing this Don Gibson classic before, but I think that there should be more of it. Oh Jodie, you do such a marvellous job of this.

Woman is the Wind (Jodie Crosby/Jon Wolfe/Phil Hungerford) – This song is fabulous. I would release this as a single. The lyrics are a little bit different and the music is just lovely.

Bonus Track:

There’s A Heart in There (Feat. Marius Reynolds) (Lawrie Minson/John Cunliffe) – This is a sad song to review, because Marius is no longer with us. It is such a lovely song and Jodie and Marius do a lovely job of it. Great writing Lawrie and John. The chorus is very catchy. I think that this might be a shower song because it does get into your head. Beautiful song.

Recorded at Rock Con, Goulburn, The Vault Balmain, Buena Vista Tamworth, Fat Track Tamworth and ENREC studios, Tamworth.

All Instruments by Rusty Crook except Fiddle – Alan Russ

Backing vocals – Linda Newton, Allison Forbes, Sarah Byrnes, Brent Larkham and Jodie Crosby.

Recorded and Mixed by Rusty Crook

Mastered by Jeff McCormack @ Music Cellar Central Coast NSW.

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