Totally Biased Fan Review – Adam and Brooke – Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont

In Australia, there are three sure things….Death, Taxes and husband and wife, Adam Eckersley and Brooke Clymont making an album together. Both are Golden Guitar winners in their respective bands, Adam with the Adam Eckersley Band and Brooke with her sisters, The McClymonts.

It was inevitable and much applauded when these two awesome talents combine to make an album which will probably make them Golden Guitar Winners together in some form next January.

One review said that Brooke is a little bit pop, Adam is a little bit Rock N Roll but this album is a lot bit country. I think that is a fair description.

Adam grows on you. The first time that I heard his band, I will admit, I shuddered. Not country…..I thought. Then I heard a few more tracks and I was hooked. Sometimes, it takes a while. A chance meeting with his Mum and a chat with her warmed me a bit more to him as well!  I usually like my rock, rock and my country , country, but I saw potential in Adam. I think that he has reached a new level on this album with wifey, Brooke on this album. Songs like Not How I Feel and Out of My Hands are just awesome.

The McClymonts have always been fan favourites. I was a Samantha McClymont fan first. I saw her on a Buttercup Country Music presentation at Tamworth Town Hall years ago and became an instant fan. She brought on one of her sisters and I thought, gees, they should form a band….um….the rest is history. I saw them LIVE at The Sydney Country Music Festival a few years ago and they were just about the best thing on that day (apart from Beccy Cole).

Every track on this album is just terrific. They are all a bit different, and they feature Adam sometimes more prominently and other times Brooke more prominently. It is a very listenable album. I have played it about 10 times already and I find it goes way too fast and easy. It is pretty awesome.

I love One Man and Lay With Me too. Highway Sky is very McClymontsish.

I think that they saved the best to last. Glad is just an incredible song.

I love this album. Well done, Adam and Brooke. I hope that you produce more albums together. Don’t make this a one off.

The Tracks:

Train Wreck

Lay With Me

So Smooth

Nothing Left To Win

Love On The Loose

Not How I Feel

Out of my Hands

One Man

Highway Sky



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