New Feature! Playlist if I was on Country Radio Week 1 18/2/2018

If I had a 3hour gig on country radio, this is what I would play…..a week by week description – I would call it Listen To The Words (after the Luke O’Shea song, if that is ok, Lukie).

In between songs, I would tell some funny stories, do a quick summary of album reviews and the top ten for the week and a gig guide. Maybe I could fit in an interview or two.

This week:

Listen To The Words – Luke O’Shea (Intro song)

Baling Twine and Tapping – Michael Waugh

Tennessee Lullaby – Sally Anne Whitten

Candle For A Cowboy – Anthony Taylor

Stranger is A Friend – Col Finley

Broken – Jodie Crosby

Lindy Loo – 8 Ball Aitken

Glad – Adam and Brooke

Be With You Tonight – Ben Ransom

Big Black Car – Brendan Smoother

Last Word On My Lips – Aleyce Simmonds

Grave Robber’s Daughter – Tori Forsyth

Careless Hearts – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Nowhere Else To Fall – Arna Georgia

Roll On – Fanny Lumsden

Travelling Man – The Weeping Willows

Classic –  Patches – Brendon Walmsley

Pages of Us – The April Family

High Hopes – Carpenter Caswell

Inasmuch – Darren Coggan and Felicity

In Case You Ever Think of Me – Amber Joy Poulton

Before We Say Goodbye – Angus Gill

Mark My Words – Brad Butcher

February Sky – Lloyd Clarke

The Happiness Tree – Darren Colston

Classic –  Up On His Shoulders – Mike Carr

Where My Heart Used To Be – Sandra Humphries

All The Rivers In Between – Pete Dawson

Gone – Allison Forbes

Little Pieces – Rick Hart and Vanessa Hart

Aussie Legends Triple Play:

Beccy Cole – Opposite Prayers

Melinda Schneider – Real People

Adam Harvey – Lady Lay Down

He’s A Writer Of Songs – Melissa Robertson

Miss You Much – Susan Lily

Sing You Up – Luke O’Shea to finish!





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