Calling all Australian Country Music Artists – all 79 types!

The last few years it has been tough picking the Kazzie Awards….even when it just comes to nominations. This year is shaping up to be just as big…already, I have reviewed quite a few albums and gigs. I hope to get back on Community Radio soon so that I can play and promote all of these wonderful country music artists, especially the Indies. Bob Browne and Therese have shown me a lot, I want to be on there helping people as much as I can. What I want the artists to do is to keep producing the fabulous music that you produce, keep putting on these awesome gigs that you put on and keeping making all of us Aussie fans proud. I also want you to know that we are behind you all the way, us genuine fans who are so in awe of you and your talents and so grateful for your friendship and your dedication to your craft.

Keep going strong guys and gals and show the world just how awesome you are……I sure will through this blog, through my blog on and anyway that I can.

Thank you from the bottom of the well….as some awesome country music songwriter wrote….


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