Totally Biased Fan Review : Call Out For the Cavalry – Andrew Swift

I was introduced to Swifty by my muscial mates Allison Forbes and Gretta Ziller, two of the finest Aussie singer/songwriters. They wouldn’t let me down, hey? No kidding, I reckon that Swifty has one of the best voices in Australian Country Music. This is a long awaited album. I reckon that he was unlucky in the Starmaker contest, along with some other favourites. However, all of this aside, he has produced one of the best albums so far this year in a year of champion albums. This album is just making me speechless….something that doesn’t happen very often. The songs are just amazing, the musicians are awesome and it is produced by one of our very best. It is so polished and real.  I love every song.

The Tracks:

Runaway Train (A Swift): Any song about a train wins me over. Andrew’s clear, crisp vocals, catchy melody and easy on the ears music are a great combo for the first song on the album.

Reckless Desires (A Swift): Andrew has one of the most vocally dominant voices in Australian Alt. Country. It is clear and full on. This song is very anthem like. It will be a crowd favourite.

Georgia (A Swift) – So many songs of a classic nature have been called this…Elton, Ray, etc. In a similar vogue, this is a contender. Nice and easy in the back pocket. Awesome guitars. One of my favourite songs of the year already.

The Devil and His Sin ( A Swift) – A nice slow and easy melody, but a deeper song lyrically.

Jezebel ( A Swift): – A cool, bluesy song. Very reminiscent of some 50’s and early 60’s stuff.

Fire and Ice (with Catherine Britt) – (A Swift/G Ziller) – How can you go wrong? Co-written with one of Australia’s best and sung with one of the legends of Country music……wowzers.  Stunning.

Ball and Chain ( C Dobson) – Written by one of my favourite Australian songwriters and sung with gusto. Pretty much perfection. Sing a long classic….come on….

Unforgiven Sins ( G Ziller) – A classic Ziller song, sung to perfection by Mr Swift.

Blood Moon High (A. Swift/ G Ziller) – Andrew and Gretta have done a lot of touring together – the multi-talented awesome Gretta was bound to rub off on Swifty. Always an awesome song. It includes the line that creates the title of this album.

King of the Sky ( A.Swift) – Just one of those songs that make you sway.


Glen Hannah: Guitars

Josh Schuberth: Drums and Percussion

Matt Fell: Bass, guitars, keys, Percussion

Dan Blederman – Hammond

Sam Hawksley – Lap Steel

Luke Moller – Fiddle

Gretta Ziller – Backing Vocals

Katie Brianna – Backing vocals on “The Devil and His Sin”

Natalie Pearson – Additional Backing Vocals on “Runaway Train”

Produced, recorded and mixed by Matt Fell


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