Episode 3 – Playlist if I was on Community Radio This Week – Country – 3 hours

Listen to the Words – Luke O’Shea (regular intro song)

Far Away – Lyn Bowtell and Damon Morton

I Hear Everything – James Stewart Keene

Apple Tree – 8 Ball Aitken

Tough as Geranium – Susan Lily

He’s A Writer of Songs – Melissa Robertson

Sweet Bird of Youth – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Tennessee Lullaby – Sally-Anne Whitten

Runaway Train – Andrew Swift

Above the Blue – Col Finley

Broken – Jodie Crosby

I’ll Love Her Long – Anthony Taylor

Top 10

Gig Reviews

Sweet Emmylou – Rick Hart

Bob Dylan – Allison Forbes

Hands are Clean – Angus Gill

Gingerbread Man – Chalkie White

Broke and Single – Arna Georgia

In Case You Ever Think of Me – Amber Joy Poulton

Stand Tall – Carter and Carter

All Said Done – Brad Butcher

Hero Just The Same – Allan Caswell

Lay with Me – Adam and Brooke

Heartland – Ben Ransom

Hanking About You – Dan Murphy

Until We Meet Again – Darren Coggan

The Veteran – Dean Perrett

Man in the Mirror – Doug Bruce

Bourbon Every Time – Carpenter Caswell

Thank God There is a Train – Catherine Britt

Sgt Bean – Melinda Schneider

Fly Away – Darren Colston

My Sweet Lady – John Denver

Leather and Les Paul – Jade Holland

Round and Round – Gretta Ziller


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