Totally Biased Fan Review – Vic gigs – 9th March and 10th March, 2018

Americana Express – Starring Lachlan Bryan, The Weeping Willows, Gretta Ziller and Matt Joe Gow and Band.  Toff In Town, Melbourne, Friday 9th March

Arrived with minutes to spare from country Victoria. Interesting venue with multi stories and lots going on….probably too much going on but that takes away from the music and I don’t want to do that. With some of the best of Victoria’s alt. country/Americana acts on stage, you put everything else aside and enjoy a fantastic night of familiar songs and some new ones and classics with your friends.

The fab The Weeping Willows – Laura and Andy- started proceedings with a little help from Lachlan and Matt Joe and that began a habit throughout the night when other acts helped each other out. Fresh from their Honeymoon Tour of the USA, my favourite trees did not bend and the leaves haven’t fallen. Their bark to bark excellent numbers, from both albums pleased the crowd and of course, me.  They will be doing a European tour shortly and that is exciting.

Next, was Lachlan Bryan, who has just released his new album with his Wildes, and he played a few off it and a couple of others. Lachlan will also be embarking on the European tour. A master songwriter and storyteller, he is one of Australia’s best in any genre.

Gretta Ziller, who has had such an awesome year, hit the stage with her Queen of Boomtown stuff. She is such an amazing talent. Her range is magnificent. She is a very unique singer/songwriter. She’s going from strength to strength.

Matt Joe Gow wrapped up the night, which was mainly his baby. I was particularly interested to see and hear Matt as I had only heard a handful of tracks and had not seen him before LIVE.

An interesting number was when Lachlan and Matt Joe did a version of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash’s Girl From The North Country, off one of my fave albums, Nashville Skyline. I am not sure who was meant to be Bob and who was meant to be Johnny but they did a good job….it was probably a more upbeat version of the slow moving train which was Bob and Johnny’s mode.

It was a wonderful night of song from some fine talents. It ended on a bit of a downer (not the artists fault) but let us just concentrate on the music.

I hope to see another one of these….perhaps at The Spotted Mallard or another place.

Lyn Bowtell and Rick Hart Trio at Skylark Room, Upwey, Saturday, 10th March

Well Lyn, I did do a little bit of the review in purple crayon (above), as promised! This was a great night, with Rick, Vanessa and Tom playing lots of songs off the new album as well as some others. Rick also sang a song with Lyn, a John Prine classic, which was so cool

I was wondering where my favourite song was (my number one for 2017), and he saved it til last, even saying that it was for me, which was so sweet. To the Grave, of course.

Lyn was welcomed to Harvey’s Bar (you had to be there – cheeky Damon) and she sang and talked up a storm. She also sang the duet with Damon which features on her latest EP.  It is such a beautiful song – Far Away.

Time went so fast, Lyn and Rick and Andrew Swift (who was doing a gig with Lyn later), and Vanessa and Tom were great on stage and off. It was certainly a night to remember in a lovely venue with good food and company as well.

I am a very lucky girl to be able to see and hear such wonderful talents in my own backyard….well, just down the road.  Thank you.

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