Totally Biased Fan Review – Lost and Found – Troy Cassar-Daley

This is probably the best value album this year – so far! 25 songs for 9.95 on Itunes!  These songs are from B sides and recordings that have not been released before by Troy. The first few tracks are great but they don’t sound like the more recent Troy at all….totally different sound!  Good but different, as the saying goes.

There are some classic tunes like  Ramblin’ Man with Tommy Emmanuel, The Biggest Disappointment with Slim, Collin Raye’s Love Me, Johnny Cash’s Long Black Veil, John Denver’s Back Home Again, and quite a lot of Troy originals. This is a wonderful album of hits and rarities.

Troy is one of our most gifted country music artists, loved by fans from 0 to 100 and I know many folks who respect and admire him, in and out of the music industry. He has won many awards, and his longevity and consistency speaks volumes. He has written a book about one part of his life and I am thinking that this is the launching pad for the second book, as it is like going through a trunk in the attic for songs, and probably more stories.

This album has a variety of songs on it, a mixture of standards, classic modern country and some typical Troy kind of songs. He has a unique timbre to his voice and it is so smooth and easy to digest that he makes it sound like falling off a log.

If there isn’t a song in this 25 track offering that you don’t like, then you are very hard to please. It is a really great mixture of types of country and it has the flavour of rich country throughout  the album.

This is a must for every diehard Troy fan but also for those who want an alternative to a Greatest Hits or people who just enjoy good, honest, country music.

The Tracks:

Proud Young Man, Should have been there, The river of sorrow, Wet a Line, That’s why I’m your friend, if you ever think of me,  goin’ straight, Almost Home, Original Australian Working Man, You Can’t Take the Country Out…., Back Home Again, You’ll Never Know ‘Till You Try, Always Running, Music Man, Love Me, Your Broken Heart Gets in the Way, The Biggest Disappointment, Ramblin’ Man, Someday, Long Black Veil, Everything’s Going to Be Alright, Last Mile Home, Yesterday’s Bed, Down to the river to pray, Language Song.

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