Kaz’s Playlist if I was on the radio – Episode 7

Theme song: Luke O’Shea – Listen to the Words

Chalkie White – My song isn’t written yet

Rose Zita Falko – A Town called Lonely

Connie Kis Andersen – Unclouded Day

Andrew Swift – Georgia

Jodie Crosby – (I’d be) A Legend in My Time

Anthony Taylor – I’ll love her long

Col Finley – Jacaranda Tree

Susan Lily – You’re Gone

Sally-Anne Whitten – Tennessee Lullaby

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes – It Tears Me Up (Everytime you tear me down)

The April Famiily – Don’t Walk Out Now

Roo Arcus – Cowboys are little boys first

Paul Costa – Chapter One

Dan Murphy – Grandpa’s Song

Adam and Brooke – Out of My Hands

Allan Caswell – It’s not over til it’s over

Amber Joy Poulton – In case you ever think of me

Sandra Humphries –  You drink

Rick Hart –  Shooting Star

Darren Colston – Come by chance

Tania Kernaghan – Light in the Window

8 Ball Aitken – Say you love me

Ben Ransom – Be with you tonight

Aleyce Simmonds – Anchor

Arna Georgia – Nowhere else to fall

Angus Gill – Hands are clean

Brad Butcher – Glasgow Train

Catherine Britt – Charlestown Road

Gretta Ziller – Let it Go

Ian Burns – Safe in the Arms of Love

Darren Coggan – Seventeen

The Bushwackers – Dirt Under My Nails

The Weeping Willows – Acorns

Melody Pool – Romantic Things




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