Totally Biased Fan Review – Sami – Crazy Love

This EEP (extended, extended play) is the follow up to an amazing album which I have reviewed on here by Sami. This young, multi-talented lady has a big voice and a great songwriting talent. This has been a long awaited project.

Bob Browne and I flogged the catchy and fun track, Summertime, on Countryon. We loved that track, it is a feel good, fun track. Sami does a great job on Angel, the much loved Sarah McLachlan song. All of the other tracks are co-written by Sami. Joined on Brand New Strings by Troy Kemp, another catchy and fun song. The tracks are country pop, for the most part, but good country pop.

Steve Deal does some co-writing as well, and it is good to hear from him again as well after his initial big splash on to the scene a few years ago. This EEP has a different feel to it than the previous album, a slightly new direction but the powerful vocals and the easy to listen to vibe make it very playable.

Sami is at her best when she belts out a ballad. I just want to love you is a fine example of that. She will no doubt be a major crossover artist in years to come, but there is enough country in her music and her lyrics to still anchor her in the genre.

A polished and admirable recording. Makes you left wanting more….which is always a good thing.


Crazy Love

I Just Want To Love You

Stings like a bee


Brand New Strings – (Featuring Troy Kemp)

Angel (Sarah McLachlan)

Bonus Track: can only play on stereo and not on computer! Hold Me Close – Sami solo write and probably the best song on the album!  Sorry Sami and Janelle!

(Credits on album cover slightly askew, but Sami and Steve Deal co-wrote most of the tracks and Track 5 was co-written with Dane Baldwin and Troy Kemp.)

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