Totally Biased Fan Review: The Heggarties – The Heggarties

I went to a gig recently (see review) in Melbourne with this band as the Headliners. I had heard them being interviewed on several radio stations and I had heard a couple of their songs. What stood out for me in the line up was that my favourite country band, The April Family were in town performing. Matt J. Ward from South Australia was also there. All three acts turned out to be Aces and it was a beaut afternoon.

The Heggarties have many influences from the obvious to the not so obvious. They are a fun band to watch and listen to LIVE, but I do enjoy to spin some tracks before and after to get acquainted or re-acquainted with the act.

There are bluegrass moments, like Ramblin’ (Till My Dyin’ Day), beautiful ballads like Wayside Chapel and Leaves in the Fall, The obvious echoes of Paul Kelly in Shannon and a catchy song with some other undertones, Rollin’ Ma Rollies. Their are folk influences, especially on one of my favourites, the last song, Wish Upon A Star.

Their sound is a big sound. All members contribute to vocals and they play a variety of instruments. This is a polished production. There is a song for every mood.
I look forward to hearing more from them.

The Tracks:

Never Be Fine (W. Heggart)

Chrome Plated Tragedy (W. Heggart)

Kentucky Post (T. Bodman)

Leaves in the fall (S.Lennox)

Wayside Chapel (W. Heggart)

Rollin’ Ma Rollies (W. Heggart)

Evelyn (W. Heggart)

Shannon (M. Tulysewski)

Marylou (S. Lennox)

Ramblin’ (Till my dyin’ day) (P. Heggart)

Wish Upon a Star (P. Heggart)

The band:

Wren Heggart: Lead vocals on Chrome Plated Tragedy, Wayside Chapel, Rollies and Evelyn, backing vocals

Max Tulysewski: Lead Vocals on Shannon, drums and percussion, keyboards, backing vocals

Tim Bodman: Upright bass, backing vocals

Steve Lennox: Lead vocals on Never be fine, Leaves in the Fall and Marylou, electric guitars, cigar box guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, resonator guitar on Wayside Chapel, backing vocals.

Paul Heggart: Lead vocals on Kentucky Post, Ramblin’ and Wish Upon a Star, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, harmonica, backing vocals

Paul Cooper: Banjo and Mandolin

Produced by The Heggarties and Mick Wordly.



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