Totally Biased Fan Review: In The Meantime – Brendan Smoother

I think the secret to the best artists in country music is to be prepared to try different styles within the boundaries of country music and to tell a story….a good story. This will open the doors to longevity and it will present something to please everybody…..well almost everybody!

Brendan Smoother has already released several songs from this new album, all of which made the country charts. The album is a great mix of country styles with some awesome guest co-writers and musicians.

Brendan’s voice adapts easily to different styles and songs. Some people know him as a bush balladeer, some know him as singing bluegrass, the blues, straight up country or a little rocking country.

Brendan has slowly been releasing singles and getting ready for this album. A lot of it you will have already heard and loved but there are some other songs on here that are just top notch and that are sure to be singles.

Produced by Rob Mackay, Michael “Hands in everything” Carpenter and Larry Marrs, it is a great mix of cool songs and songs that you can relate to, one way or another.


Gypsy Girl – Brendan Smoother – a lively, blues/rocky song to start the album off, heavily featuring Michael Carpenter.

Behind The Seen – Brendan Smoother – A song that Bob Browne and I flogged on ‘Countryon’ and a song that was close to both of our hearts, given the subject…that old Black Dog. One of Brendan’s best songs and a favourite with the fans. Features Garry Koehler on harmonies.

Campfire Conversation – Brendan Smoother, Brendan Nawrocki, Emma Dykes, Kevin Bennett – features Garry Koehler and Pete Denahy.  Easy to see the connection between songwriting sessions at The Dag and a campfire. With these co-writers, you can’t really go wrong.

Stretcher Bearer – Brendan Smoother – quite possibly my favourite. What a great song, originally featured on an EP. With Brendan being a Paramedic, it was an obvious song subject when coming to a “war song”. There have only been a handful of songs that have been written about those who carried the wounded – this one is a beaut one.

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners with Pete Denahy – Brendan Smoother – multi award nominated song about ordinary Aussies helping out farmers.And who better to do a song of this nature with than Pete.

A Schooner Too Much – Lola Brinton/Brendan Smoother – What’s a country music album without a drinking song? A catchy, singalong song that is even better to listen to with a schooner in your hand.

Big Black Car – Lola Brinton/Brendan Smoother – The video  is very cool and the song is even cooler. It sounds a bit different to most Smoother songs and you can hear the Carpenter sound in this as well.

Love Street – Brendan Smoother – A very country song, lots of cool fiddle and banjo and mando. A cool bluegrass number. Toe tapping and shoulder shifting.

Old Chimney – Brendan Smoother – I relate to this song on many levels. I often wondered the same thing about those crumbling old houses and the stories behind them. It is also about Gundagai, where a lot of my Dad’s cousins live and where I spent a lot of time when I was a kid. Great song.

Stranger – Brendan Smoother – A beautiful song, lots of lovely fiddle. Brendan says in his liner notes – i’s a hybrid of fact and fiction and that it was the first time that he had written a song with tears rolling down his face. I can relate Brendan, I had a few tears and I could relate to a lot in this song…..I have a mum in a similar boat.

The Last of the Riverboats – Andrew Durant with The Bobkatz – I have always loved this song. It is an old Stars song, written by the late, great, Andy Durant. The Bobkatz add a lot to this song.

Feels like coming home – Brendan Smoother/Jeremy Edwards – This is a good song to go out with, Songs about home, generally are. It also feels like a song to sing when you are driving on a country road or a coastal road.


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